The events industry supports millions of jobs globally and generates billions in worldwide revenue. That’s great news if you are considering a career in events, as there is a great variety of employment opportunities open to you as a qualified event planning graduate.

Event industry job roles that you may already be aware of include Event Manager, Event Planner, Event Designer and Event Coordinator. And these roles can be assigned to many different types of events such as corporate events, weddings, conferences, exhibitions, sporting events, festivals, charity events, fashion shoes, product launches, celebrity events and more. But there are also other careers out there that incorporate event planning into the role that you might not have considered. Here are 3 jobs you could do with an event planning qualification:

The Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant (or EA for short) is the person responsible for supporting the senior management team and overseeing the office within an organisation. That person will be in charge of scheduling, digital, postal and phone communication, and they are often client facing as part of the office reception team.  Amongst other things, an EA will often manage projects and deadlines, be the admin for meetings, prepare reports and handle important documents. They will also be in charge of managing things like media appearances and planning office events. In this video, you can find out more about how you can apply event planning skills to an EA role.

The PR Consultant

Much like the role of an Event Planner, the role of PR Consultant can be fast-paced and exciting. A PR Consultant is expected the manage and promote the public image of a company or brand. They are expected to research, plan and implement PR strategies, liaise and communicate with the media, write press releases and promotional articles. A PR Consultant will also be responsible for coordinating shoots, press events and the distribution of PR packs. In this video, we delve deeper into the transferable skills between event planning and PR consultancy.

The Fundraising Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinators are integral members of the team within a Charity or Non-Profit Organisation.  They help generate the income the company needs to complete its projects and cover the business overheads so that it can keep operating. The Fundraising Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting and communicating with donors. They will need to manage budgets, data entry and other administration involved with fundraising.  And they will need to brainstorm, manage and coordinate fundraising activities and events. In this video, we discuss in a bit more detail the similarities between the Event Planner and Fundraising Coordinator roles.

If you are considering a career in event planning or a role that applies the skills obtained via an event planning qualification then check out our event planning courses by clicking on your local campus.


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