One of the things we teach you at the Academy is how to design and style a table for your clients and there are certain steps we use in the process which I want to share with you in this quick start guide:

No 1 – Nail your Client’s Style. Pin and collect images that truly reflect their colour combination and aesthetics and share with them on a site like Pinterest where they can collaborate with you. 

No 2 – Consider the Venue. Study the lighting, structure and design to determine the type of table, linen and colours you want to include in the design and identify if you’re going for a natural and raw table or if you want to use tablecloths. This is the time to establish the base of your design.

No 3 – Select the Chairs. Chairs can make a statement, so make sure they complement the table, design and space creating harmony and enhancing the tablescape not conflicting with it.

No 4 – Design your Centrepiece. This is often the showstopper of the table so why not explore other items and don’t just limit yourself to flowers. There are so many options including candles, greenery, lanterns, wood, statement vases, candelabras, to name but a few. But whatever you do make sure your guests can still see across the table to the person sitting opposite them. Don’t block their view with your gorgeous design. 

No 5 – Choose the tableware. This is your chance to really tell the story of your design. Select plates, flatware and glassware to create a setting that not only complements but invites the guest in and makes them want to take a seat. There are no limits here from beautiful coloured glasses to rose gold cutlery, the options are endless and a good rental partner will help you fashion your design.

No 6 – Accent your tables. These are the finishing touches that complete your tablescape and should be used sparingly and not overdone. A folded napkin with a menu card sat on top can add that extra pop of colour and enhance your design to its fullest. Another element is to use votive candles that provide atmosphere and warmth.

We are proud to say we are always working to keep our course content relevant and up to date. The images in this blog post have been taken from our latest styling video tutorials which will be available as part of our styling & design courses for 2018.  If you want to find out more about our styling related courses contact your local campus.

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