Back in November we challenged our talented students to give us their input as part of the International Wedding Trend Report 2017. Our Academy news reporter Monica Naclerio tells us how she predicts HBO’s hugely successful TV series Game of Thrones will influence wedding themes in 2017. Monica reports how the obsession for game of thrones “has evolved into a real trend, in various forms and in different sectors.” “The style evokes the Middle Ages, but it is luxurious and woody. The color palette is opulent and dramatic, clearly inspired by the pre-Renaissance painters.”

We also see the influence coming through in Bridal style says Monica, citing the beautiful Grecian like drapery, cut away styling and dramatic capes as favoured by the Mother of Dragons Khaleesi. For bridesmaids the Missandei style of draped and knotted dresses allows a wide variety of customisation. On the Autumn/ Winter Paris catwalks GOT style was everywhere reports Monica. “At Elie Saab, there were dresses with a boat neck in the style of Cersei, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, combined with large jewellery in gold, glinting like a relic of the Stark house.”

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Inspired by the fantasy castles and palaces of Westeros, Monica predicts, “the preferences of the couple are moving towards natural locations, forest landscapes and stone castles with high ceilings.” Think Margaery and Joffrey’s wedding day, but before her groom meets his sticky end. On the topic of décor “The tablescape is very tactile, with stratifications and contrasts…soft texture, like velvet, fur, rope or leather, next to the hard ones, such as dark woods and metals.” Imagine the foraged style feast that would sit on that table; fruits, roots, wild mushrooms and deliciously herby roasted meats.

“Winter is coming” says Monica, so dive into the wonderful design possibilities of a Game of Thrones inspired wedding.

Feeling inspired yet? Well I certainly am, thanks for the great work Monica!

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