In conjunction with the release of the International Wedding Trend Report 2017, we challenged our talented students to play Academy News Reporter and give us their feedback on what they see trending. We spoke to Emily Lancaster on what she predicts will be popular for weddings this year. Its great how Emily has drawn on her own interactions­­ with couples getting married in 2017; There definitely seems to be a shift away from the standard dynamic and “I believe that more and more grooms are becoming involved in the planning process… So I think the growth in the market aimed at grooms will increase.”

Personalisation is key for 2017’s couple Emily advises, and “blank canvas venues such as tipis, barns, outdoor weddings, can really wow a bride and groom seeking the alternative space for their special day.” Emily references how popularity shifts such as “a big increase in microbreweries over the last year” can influence this year’s venue choice, as “craft beer is really popular amongst millennial couples.” Emily really builds a great mental picture of cosy and characterful reclaimed timber, with design ideas such as “personalised craft beer labels and wow factor bar display.” And what better to pair with a personalised brewery wedding than street food trucks, with food­­ from the Bride and Groom’s favourite destination. “Couples may have travelled together and their favourite food might be best represented through street food.” Emily’s mood board below is a great visualisation of her take on the 2017 trends.

Millennial Wedding Trends

Emily tells us that “Ultimately I think weddings will continue to grow into more and more unique celebrations as pressures of traditions ease.” So break free from the mould and consider personalization and the influence of millennial lifestyles in your 2017 wedding concepts. Thank you for giving us your insight Emily, great job!

Check out more of Emily’s work on her website and social media – Instagram @emilykweddings // Pinterest @emilykweddings // Twitter @emilyklancaster


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