Do you ever feel as though you barely have enough time to do what’s on your plate, let alone the extra things you need to do to move your life forward?  Would you like to find time for completing a wedding or event course, so you can make that leap into a career you love? Has launching a wedding or event business been on your to-do list for far too long?  Do you need to spend time developing systems and processes for your business, or tidying up those Pinterest boards and writing blog posts that appeal to your ideal client? Whatever they are, if you have goals and tasks that you just never seem to get around to doing, because you are so busy doing everything else, I am going to suggest you try a digital detox.

There are a lot of studies out there about social media use, but most conclude, that we are spending a lot more time on it than we think we are.  Averages daily use is approximately 100 minutes a day which equates to around 5 years of your life! Can you imagine spending 5 years of your life on social media? What could you achieve if you spent those 100 minutes, or 5 years on another activity?  

If you are an active social media user, there are a ton of reasons why a digital detox might be good for you, but I am going to start with a really simple one; using social media less, will give you more time to do other things.  Which means, if you feel like you never have enough time for activities, like; catching up with friends, fleshing out that business idea, completing your studies, reading a book, or exercise and you are a regular user of social media, you could benefit from a digital detox, simply to give yourself more time to do some other things.  A digital detox will also help you to gain some insight into just how much time you spend on social media on a daily basis, so you can work towards finding a balance between using it and getting other stuff done.

Want to give a Digital Detox a try? Ok great, let’s do it!

There are Apps available to help you ‘digitally detox’, but for me, they kind of defeat the purpose of detoxing in the first place.  But if you do struggle with self control, you may benefit from finding one that works for you.  But really a digital detox is as simple as following these steps;

Save the date – choose when you will start.

If you use social media for work, we recommend you detox on the weekend.  Whilst you can give yourself permission to use social media for work, during a detox, you may find that you are more successful if you take yourself off social media all together.  If possible, choose a date which supports you to be able to shut off completely and if business dictates that you have to post everyday, or across the weekend, plan ahead by scheduling posts to go up during your detox.  You may like to tell friends, family and work colleagues what you are doing so you have their support and if you don’t trust yourself to stick to the detox, delete your social media Apps from your devices. They are easily uploaded again when the detox is over.

Determine the length of time for your Detox.

As a minimum we suggest 24 hours and encourage you to go for a full weekend if you can; Friday evening until Monday morning.  But if you are really struggling with the thought of being offline for even 24 hours, start slow and build up over time.  Even 7-8 hours will make a difference.

Choose the perimeters of your Detox.

Is this just social media, or all devices including computers?  You will get the most benefit by shutting everything off, but of course think about your own habits or what you are seeking to achieve from the detox.  If you need more time for your online course, you will want to exclude your computer from the detox and include just social media.

Determine how you will spend your time.

Plan ahead for what you are going to do during the Detox, whether that is study, writing, reading, cooking, cleaning house or catching up with friends. Whilst some free time is recommended, don’t give yourself so much free time that you feel lost and bored and tempted to get back online.

Keep a Journal.

Record how you feel during the detox and after. Are you gaining more time and how does that feel?

The End.  

As your Detox comes to an end, reflect on what you have achieved during the timeframe. Consider if you need to repeat the process or feel ready to set boundaries around how you use social media on a daily/weekly basis as a way to give you back time for other things you want to achieve.

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Christine Ligthart is a lead Tutor with the Academy and Founder of I Do Crew which specialises in offering On the Day Wedding Coordination. Christine is passionate about creative small business and helping others to achieve success. At home you will find Christine hanging out with her family, listening to old records and loving life on the farm.


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