Yesterday I invited a student to be interviewed for our Student of the Month series. These interviews are featured on the Inspire page of our campus websites and of course, mentioned here on the blog and via social media.  The student I emailed had recently Graduated and she told me that she had been following the series since she started her course and always dreamed of being a Student of the Month herself (I look forward to bringing you her story in the coming months).  This was such a lovely thing to hear and I can understand why.

Many students who study with us are combining study with a number of other demanding roles; wife/husband/partner, parent, employee/business owner etc. etc.  The completion of the course is a huge milestone and achievement, not just because you have completed a course in something you enjoy and feel passionate about, but because you did it alongside all of those other things you have to do too.  You won’t ever hear us say that is ‘nothing’, because we know it is something!  Sometimes our students find it hard and experience a drop in motivation. Sometimes there are things that come up in their lives that make it impossible for them to focus on their studies. Some take breaks; long and short ones.  Some question if they can do it.  But we and our community support every student through these things, because we know how good it makes a student feel, when they become a Graduate and further more, we know that graduating, leads to exciting careers and opportunities for our students.

We don’t share every Student or Graduate’s story, but we do celebrate and stand behind every one of them, for the hard work they are putting in, to achieve their goals.  We hope to inspire you and our students still working on their courses, with our Student of the Month series again in 2017!


Now let’s meet our Australian Students’ of the Month; sisters, Jacquie and Melissa.  Jacquie and Melissa are committed to their new career; not only are they currently working towards their Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning, they also recently launched their business, Everlasting Events by Jac & Mel.  Read their story here (scroll down the page).

Do you have a story to tell? Contact me to find out more about becoming one of our Student’s of the Month and if you have a launched a successful business, or gained your dream role in the industry, we would also love to hear from your for our Success Story feature.

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