Today’s post has been inspired by the questions our Course Advisors receive from those of you considering study with us.  The question is; Do I need experience to take one of your courses?

What I liked about the Academy courses when I first had a chance to look at them myself was how well suited they are to almost any level of experience of weddings and events.  Whilst the courses are suitable for beginners, with no experience, we have many students who take the courses for other reasons; including extending their skills in specific areas, gaining a formal qualification, or solidifying the knowledge and experience they already have.

I asked Zoe, our Course Advisor from the UK Academy and also one of our Tutors for her thoughts on whether you need experience to do one of our courses;

“No experience is needed as the Courses are aimed at beginners, although we do have people enrol with us when they have some experience and this is generally because they want to extend their skills.

Whilst you may think you have no experience the courses usually demonstrate that you do have some existing talents to apply to the roles of Wedding/Event Planner, Stylist and Designer and doing the course can be a good way to explore your own strengths. We do encourage you to find areas to extend your experience and the tutors offer full support on this. It might be volunteer work for your local community or charity, helping family and friends organise parties/weddings, or it could be applying for Internships. Our aim is to support you to achieve your best, after all the reason you choose to study is because you feel there is more to learn, so we work with every student as an individual no matter what their starting point.”-Zoe McKeown

Zoe’s point about working with every student as an individual is such an important one and if you are considering study with us, you should know that this actually starts before you even enrol with us.  By booking a Course Consultation with one of our Course Advisors you will have the opportunity to discuss with a professional your current skills, experience and knowledge and what your career goals are and they can then advise you further on what options may help you to get where you want to go; whether you have little or no experience, or some experience.

To organise for one of our Course Advisors to contact you by phone or email, email me and let me know where you are located and I will put you in touch with a professional who can help you plan your next step.

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