As part of our ten-year anniversary celebrations we are bringing you some of our top ten picks and today we are featuring wedding industry blogs. Having been educating those looking to start a career in the world of special events for as long as we have we’ve seen many people come and go. Today I’m sharing with you some of my ‘go to’ places for industry knowledge, expertise and advice. They include a formidable list of professionals and experts some of whom have been around as long as, and in some cases longer than the Academy and others who are slightly newer to the scene than, but have nonetheless made a positive impact.

  1. Sage Wedding Pros – this has long been a favourite of mine as it tackles subjects that are often thought of as unsexy, such as writing a business plan and pricing. Somehow though, Michelle Loretta manages to make the subject interesting and something you want to read about. We actively promote this fantastic resource to all our students.
  2. Planner’s Lounge – Debbie Orwat is a force to be reckoned with and has been in the industry for over ten years. She is the founder of Save the Date Events and Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer at Planner’s Lounge, a place where she shares practical information, design basics, educational resources, tricks of the trade, and business tips.
  3. Think Splendid – a management consulting firm specialising in helping wedding industry leaders succeed. Lienne Stevens is the Founder and President and I was lucky enough to hear her speak in Las Vegas at Event Solutions about working with Millennials. Her insight and knowledge as absolutely invaluable to anyone looking to succeed in the wedding industry.
  4. Aisle Planner Community – our students use Aisle Planner software within their course material, but that’s not the only thing they do well. Their blog for professionals is jam packed full of fantastic articles, tips, ideas and advice. Earlier this year our Trend Report was featured on there too and the lovely ladies at Aisle Planner judged the Pantone Mood Board Competition we ran for our students.
  5. Book More Brides – billed as the number one marketing resource for the wedding industry it does not disappoint. Their blog is packed full of fantastic articles and they offer a membership package that includes a one-hour monthly workshop along with a host of other goodies.
  6. Mountainside Media – I love Christie Osborne who runs Mountainside Media. She’s a wedding blogger and professional marketer and offers lots of great free advice on her blog. She also offers a course ‘Marketing ROI Roadmap’ to help you attract your ideal client.
  7. B.Loved.Hive – run by the lovely Louise Beukes of Bloved Blog and Styled By Louise it is an online resource providing you with the practical skills and tools you need to run a successful business. It also offers an actual space in London where you can meet, learn and thrive with other wedding pros.
  8. Wedding Business Success – run by Alison Wren this blog is all about helping you start, grow and flourish in the wedding industry. There is also a course called Marketing Mastery that will teach you how to create a killer marketing plan.
  9. The Profit Goddess – with the fabulous Marley Majcher at its helm this is a fantastic resource if you’re in business to make a living and not to have a hobby. Marley knows how to price her services and shares her knowledge, advice and experience via her blog, as well as offering webinars, coaching and of course her book ‘But Are You Making Any Money?’
  10. Bridestory for Business – the business resource for wedding entrepreneurs. Along with Bridestory Pro, which allows you to manage and monitor your business on the go, the blog is simply teeming with excellent articles from business tips to trends. Based in Indonesia it has a global reach and is a brilliant resource for both the seasoned pro and those just starting off in the industry.
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