Are you looking to make a career change and start working in the wedding and event industry? If so you may be concerned about your lack of wedding and event experience.  I often hear people, who have 5-10 years of work experience behind them say, ‘I don’t have any experience’.  But this is not the case.  In fact, almost every skill you apply to any job; can be applied in another way.

What skills could be transferred to Wedding and Event Careers?

Where do I start?

Attention to detail, time management, organisation, communication, computer literacy, problem solving and critical thinking skills are just some of the words we use to describe what we do in our Resumes and all of them can be applied to a multitude of jobs and industries, including Wedding and Event Planning.

For example, a nurse needs to be able to communicate well and work in stressful situations, so does a Wedding Planner.  Personal and Executive Assistants often work on Projects and need to understand how to manage their time and others to take the project from start to finish, not unlike an Event or Wedding Planner must do when taking an event from its beginning to end.  An Interior Designer needs to understand how to design within a space, to a brief and to a budget, just as a Wedding Designer/Stylist does.  Administration Assistants must be good a managing a large flow of information between parties, so do Wedding and Event Planners.  Bankers need to understand budgeting and finance, so do Wedding and Event Planners.

Bringing it together in your Resume/CV

What many people do, when writing a Resume ahead of a career change, is focus on telling the prospective employer that whist they have no experience, they are ‘willing to learn and work hard’.  Whilst this is admirable, it is not generally going to be enough to grab the employer’s attention. What you have to do instead is join the dots for any prospective employer, by showing them what you do have experience doing and how this can be applied to the role you are applying for.

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Our handy guide and Resume/CV template will help you to ‘join those dots’ and highlight your transferable skills and experiences for wedding and event employers.

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