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Angela and Pietro’s Wedding

Angela described her dream wedding to me in these five words – romantic, personalised, memorable, timeless, luxurious – and presented me with a mood board based on impressive tables, a sparkling dance floor, big flower arrangements, & classy chair covers. From this we developed the following design brief.

Like the inside of a cloud drifting across a summer sky, your guests will enter a sophisticated, fresh and chic celebration space where they will feel your personal romance in a dream-like romantic setting.

The softness of a summer’s day can be touched through the flow of the wall drapes which is mirrored on your chair backs.

The scent of exquisite summer blooms will perfume the air creating your romantic dream-like setting. Sparkle and reflections bounce from the mirror surfaces and glassware adding that extra dimension of interest. The flicker of a tea light enhancing and softening the feel of sitting at your stylish and elegant guest tables.

Your guests have entered your idyllic romantic wedding celebration.

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