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Hi, I’m África and I have walked twice down the aisle. My first time, very shy, nervous and fascinated with all the elegance that I saw around me.
My second time, very come up, exultant and grateful with all the happiness that I received around me. The first time, I fell in love with weddings from my childhood point of view, as a wedding ring’s girl and in the second time, from my view of a woman, as a bride. And between one experience and another, hundreds of weddings as guests and all of them, epics and memorable.
I’m deeply in love with weddings and all the planning and organization that surrounds them.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve developed it as Account Director and customer service in various Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Events agencies and I adored all aspects of my work. Be the contact with the companies, the collection of the briefings for the projects, work with the creative team to conceptualize the project and with the production team to carry it out. Being in the middle of all processes, planning, coordinating and taking care of everything in detail so that it is carried out with the maximum excellence. And all of them fulfilling the objectives and budgets!

Management is running into veins, the creativity is running in my heart and the organization is running in my mind.

So it was that the day I was thinking about what will be my next step and what I will going to be dedicated to my next professional stage and all my passions, my abilities, and my desires began to float from my subconscious and it came out, in a very natural way, to dedicate myself to the world of social events.

And MIMOSA EVENTS, my Company (wow!) emerged and became a reality and I decided to dedicate all that passion, knowledge and professional experience of the Corporate events, to help couples who don’t know where to start organizing, coordinating or planning the most special day of their lives.

Because you only live once and you have to celebrate it in style and run to pursue your dreams.

I live in continuous learning and it was clear that I should also be trained in the wedding sector with the utmost respect and without intrusiveness.
That’s why I looked for the best, outside of my borders. I knew that the UK was the place to find the best training for their baggage in the figure of the wedding planner and looking for I found the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.
It is the best decision I have been able to take to enter this sector with the best, since they have such a global vision of the entire sector, such extremely useful contents and a system of continuous evaluation so practical, that when you finish the Diploma, you feel with many tools and ready to start your own Wedding & Event Planner company.

And that I did, I founded MIMOSA EVENTS which is a company focused on the planning, organization, and coordination of weddings. Our specialization is those couple who look to introduce the innovations technologies on their Weddings, in all the complete process. From the organization to the most surprising elements on the day of the wedding.
So put technology to work for you and your love. Welcome to MIMOSA EVENTS.


We are a full-service wedding and event planning group and provide the following:


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