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Born and raised in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Crete. I have seen the most beautiful views of the architecture of the Mediterranean nature. Crystal clear sea water, golden sunsets, proud mountains and the most hospitable people surrounding this picture.
Even though I was working in the banking sector, dealing with big accounts and handling major projects I always had an artistic approach to life. So, one day I realized I had enough dealing with “numbers” and it was time to deal with people. In fact, with their joy, being part of it.
Skilled in finance and logistics and with a great passion of design and eclectic aesthetic at the same time I decided to start up my own company to make my dream and others peoples dreams come true.
As a perfectionist, I need to be a qualified professional. Therefore, I decided to undertake the Diploma of Wedding and Event Planning.
My aim is to be the first person that comes up in ones mind in organizing a happy event. Sky is the limit!


Full Wedding Planning
Location and Venues Scouting
Wedding Flowers
Photos & Video
Wedding Transportation
Beauty Services
Wedding Cake & Champagne
Themed Weddings
Guests’ Favors
Music & Dance

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