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My name is Titi and I like to be called T-Eye! I started my career as a Business Development Manager with an experiential marketing agency and that kind of birthed me into the world of events. Although I have been awed by it working as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for about 5 years in the UK. I realised that I had a keen interest that has developed into the passion over the years working as a coordinator, conceptualising and planning events for multinational brands and personalities in Nigeria for another 5 years altogether.

I started my own concern called T-Eye Dot Event Enterprises and I haven’t looked back since then. We have been providing marketing communcation solutions for brands and planning expertise for both corporate and private individuals. Ranging from Annual General Meetings (AGM), End of Year parties, Birthday, High School Reunion, Wedding to Movie Premiere.

A lot of our approaches to our implementation have been from an experiential perspective which seems quite intellectual and formal…maybe a little devoid of fun and entertaining elements. That got me into researching about event planning especially for weddings. I found the website for WPA and I registered almost immediately when i found it can be done online.

I love being a solutions provider. I hunger for opportunities to be of help especially at gatherings because I always find something required to be done. I am also a very organised person, in thoughts and expression and so I feel very comfortable taking the responsibility of planning and organising someone’s special day or event.

I am a mother of 3 young adults – 2 biological and 1 adopted – and I am very family oriented. My philosophy is God first, Family second and Career third. It’s working well for me thus far!!


We provide marketing communication services in the areas of brand interrogation and event planning and organising for our clients. We use the same approach for all our event briefs whilst we develop all the line items liaising with our team of partners and third party suppliers who are in tune with the needs of the market, utilising the latest technology and trends.

We have developed immense expertise and experience in Mixology and Bar tending services such that we have grown in that department in providing beverage management and cocktails both at various parties ad events.

In our pursuit to delivering top notch service, and establish professionalism showing transparency and integrity, we are developing skills in the area of ethics and compliance for organisations and their processes. We plan to develop resources and platforms for training in this area too.

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