If you are a current Academy student, you’ve recently enrolled or you’re considering signing up and kick-starting the new year with a career change, we have some advice to help you juggle your study during the busy holiday period. Because even with the best intentions, we know it can be hard to balance your course with family life and social engagements, particularly at this time of year.

Whilst some of us may have more time to study during the holidays (if you are lucky enough to have some time away from work and other commitments), many of us have less time.  But it is not only about finding time to work on your course; the holidays also bring many other distractions.  Just the simple disruption to your daily/weekly routine can through your study schedule off and mean that even when life returns to normal, you can struggle to get back on track.

Have you ever taken a break from a project and found it hard to find the motivation when you return to it? We all experience this from time to time. So unless you are planning a vacation over the holidays we recommend you try to make some time to study, even just a little, over the coming weeks. If you are planning to take a break then we suggest you make a date with yourself for that first study session back from holidays and stick to it no matter what.

If you have decided to keep up with your study over the holidays but need some advice for staying motivated and productive here are our top holiday study tips:

1. Plan Your Schedule Ahead

I recommend planning your weeks out regardless of what time of year it is, but especially during the holidays, when your routine changes. Take a look at the weeks ahead and what your work, family and social commitments are and book study sessions in that fit around these. Even if that’s a quick early morning session or some study during a lunch break. If you usually study for longer periods it might work better to break this down to shorter sessions over the holidays. Whatever you decide, the key is to make a plan that works for you!

Studying Over The Holidays

2. Keep Your Focus

Things can get crazy over the holidays, especially if they include doing fun things and catching up with family and friends. If you are going to successfully fit study around these activities you may need to build some focus time into your study schedule so you can clear your head before you start work. Try things like taking a peaceful walk or getting out of the house if it’s unusually busy (to study away from the family).

3. Be Accountable

Form a support group with your fellow students so you can stay accountable to your goals and have the support of others who are also studying over the holidays. Our private Student Facebook Group, Academy Live, is the perfect platform to connect with your peers and find motivation if you are struggling. In the past, our students have posted call outs in the group to set up WhatsApp study groups, or those living close to each other meet up to study together.

For more general study tips check out this post. And as always your tutor and our admin team are on hand to answer any queries you have about the course content, unit projects and assignments. Please reach out via the help dashboard on the digital campus. For those of you choosing to study over the holidays…you got this!

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