Getting that wedding job of your dreams is one thing, standing out in a team of creative people, is another. But it can be done.  To help you stand out in all the right ways we turned to two wedding & business professionals for their expert advice.

Bruce Russell | By Bruce Russell

Work as a wedding planner is definitely not a 9-5 job.  A  cornerstone of the day-to-day is being able to know how to handle any curveballs that can be thrown your way;  sometimes even on the wedding day itself. When I’m looking at people to join my team, I’m seeking out the candidates who are dependable, competent, resourceful, intelligent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the industry. It’s a demanding sector, so passion for the work is paramount; you have to want to commit the hours.

Another important part of the job is the requirement to be discreet and professional at all times. This is a client-facing world and we are often working alongside couples who really value their privacy. So much of what we do is relationship based that I need someone who is able to build a real rapport and become a trusted confidante. We are delivering the most important day of this couple’s life together and it has to be perfect.

Innovation is also key. We operate in a rapidly changing world and it pays to be at the forefront. I’m forever looking at ways to evolve my proposition and having someone working alongside me, who also has an eye to the future and strives to enhance our service, with an injection of creativity and imagination, is a real asset.

Elizabeth Muhmood Kane| Bridal Musings

By showing initiative, passion and going above and beyond what is expected. As a business owner, I do these things naturally.  Bridal Musings is my baby, of course I’m going to go the extra mile for it. It’s extra special when someone I’m working with goes out of their way to create something special or pours their heart and soul into a project that they’re passionate about. It’s not sustainable, or a way to work each and every day, but when I see flashes of those qualities, it absolutely makes people stand out for all the right reasons.

Both Elizabeth and Bruce are valued members of our UK Advisory Board and we thank them so much for this valuable advice.  What I love about this advice is that Elizabeth and Bruce have each given us a list of qualities that we can cultivate in order to stand out.  What really hit home for me though was the comment Bruce made about having to ‘want’ to commit the hours.  That says everything!  This doesn’t mean you have to become a slave to work but if you be-grudge the hours you spend at work, you probably are not doing the right thing.  If you want to be there and want to be pouring your passion, enthusiam, skills and knowledge into something, you are going to stand out beautifully!

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