As a new member to the Academy team, the January issue was my first opportunity to get involved in The Wedding Business Magazine. And what an exciting project it is! Being part of this institution gives us all fantastic access to the world’s top industry professionals. And I was super excited when Kylie gave me the opportunity to compose the #WEDFEATURE interview with Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar. Harmony has over a decade of marketing, consulting and brand representation experience in the luxury wedding industry, and is the founder of and the Jet Fete destination wedding blog. As a successful entrepreneur in the wedding industry, I wanted to pick Harmony’s brains on how she plans ahead for her business;  be it finding your business niche, how to get noticed in the market, or keeping on top of the trends.

Be a Trailblazer, Not a Cookie Cutter!

What is so great about Harmony’s answers is how motivational and inspiring they are. She really encourages you to be different, go your own way and fly your own flag. “The couples that want your kind of special sauce will love you that much more for it”. She also speaks very positively about reaching out to potential collaborators and ensuring you pitch yourself. “I’m always looking for a little bit of something new and different in my daily life, and I want to attract clients that keep my business challenging and fun at the same time. After 13 years, I don’t always want to do the exact same thing so I have to go out and create it for myself.”

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