Blogging is an excellent way to draw attention to the skills and knowledge you have as a Wedding Planner, Stylist and/or Designer.  It can help you attract new clients and establish your brand in a ‘busy’ market-place.  But blogging is not easy.  Even if writing comes naturally to you, finding time to blog and your ‘voice’ can be difficult.  If blogging is something you are interested in doing as a Wedding professional I encourage you to spend time researching the ‘art’ of blogging.  There is no shortage of information out there to help you and our students will find some in the business units of their wedding courses.  But today, I have 3  tips that will make a big difference to your ‘blogging experience. The first two are easy to implement if you are committed. The final one is harder and will take longer, but it is perhaps the most important.

You are writing for an audience, not for you

If you are maintaining a blog as part of your brand, your blog has a job to do and an audience to connect with.  So whilst I believe that you should strive to connect with your audience on a personal level, you must also strive to share information with them that is valuable and informative.  You can’t just write whatever takes your fancy on any given day. Be more strategic than that and use your knowledge about your ‘ideal client’ and their needs to guide you when planning content for your blog (and that is another tip; plan content for your blog).

Be consistent

I often find myself in conversation with bloggers about how often to blog. In my experience, consistency is the key.  If you only blog 2 times a week, keep that schedule as a minimum, every week and on the same days.  If you set yourself up to blog daily, blog daily.  Your audience is more likely to be loyal to you, if they know what to expect from you and that means being consistent.

Find your own voice

This is possibly the hardest thing to do, but the most important. When it comes to Weddings, almost everything that can be said, has been said. The difference and what will draw your reader in, is that you are going to say it in your way.  To find your own voice you need to do two things; read and write.  Read lots of different blogs and pay attention to how others do it and then, write, write, write.  As you write, focus on bringing forth your own voice into every blog post.  This means sharing a little bit of you and your personal expertise in your posts.  It will take time and it won’t be easy, but it is what your readers will connect to and help you to stand out in a sea of Wedding blogs.

Are you an Academy Student or Graduate with your own blog?  We would love to share your blog with our readers too.  If we don’t know about your blog, please contact me.







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