Continued education is so important for the growth of any company, but especially for those in the wedding industry. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut doing what you do, being incredibly busy and not setting aside time to see what’s going on around you. There is always something to learn no matter how experienced you are, as we live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving.

In this issue we are celebrating education and taking you on a round the world tour of what is available to you as a wedding professional. Of course we are only scratching the tip of the iceberg here, but we’ve attended quite a few educational events over the last couple of months and wanted to share with you what we have learned.

So What’s in this Issue?

Well I am hugely excited to have so many special guest interviews in this issue, so let’s get to it and introduce you to our experts for this month. First up are the amazingly talented ladies behind the one and only ‘it’ conference for those in the wedding industry, and that is of course Engage!, and the ladies I am referring to are Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce. They talked to us about the evolution of Engage! and what they’re looking forward to in the future.

Next up, drum roll please, is the fabulous David Tutera, who stopped by to discuss his take on where education is and where it’s headed in the future, as well as his exciting new initiative! We can’t wait to share the excitement of his new Symposium, which we know will be incredibly popular with the global wedding industry.

We were also super excited to have the wonderful Aleisha McCormack from Bridechilla Podcast. On her show Aleisha invites the world’s best wedding bloggers, planners and experts to share all their deepest and darkest wedding planning secrets. This time the boot is on the other foot as we interview Aleisha to discuss her show and how she’s resonating with her millennial audience.

Our next guest is someone who I have known for a while now and have admired for even longer. Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros is one of the most savvy business women I’ve ever met. Sage Wedding Pros is a consultancy dedicated to educating and advising business owners on how to be completely sustainable, financially and operationally. In this interview she gives us the nuts and bolts on running a profitable business.

Our final guest is Sandy Hammer a force in the corporate event planning industry for more than 20 years before co-founding AllSeated. This issue, Sandy shares why technology is shaping the events industry, how AllSeated is paving the way for professionals, and her mission to digitize the world of events.

Our regular columns with Meghan Ely on WedPR, Kathy DalPra on WedSEO, Shannon DePalma on WedSocial, Heidi Thompson WedPromo, Emma Etheridge on WedBiz, Christina Scalera on WedLegal, Kellie Daab on WedExpert, Heather Waits on WedBiz and Sam Lloyd on WedGuru. are also packed with great advice and tips as per usual.

We also visited wedding events around the world including the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference in Dubai, Quintessentially Wedding Atelier London, A Most Curious Wedding Fair London and Catersource in New Orleans. We also have an interview with the Jessica McLeod of One Fine Day Wedding Fair who operate in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and New York.

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The images from this issue of the magazine were from a Dip Dye Water Colour Inspired Wedding shoot:

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