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5 Traits a Wedding Planner Needs

The Must Have Personality Traits of a Wedding Planner.

So many people are drawn to the idea of being a Wedding Planner. And we don’t blame them as it’s really a fantastic career.

Most people think they have a  good idea of what the role may entail. Especially if they’ve planned their own wedding, or helped a family member/friend with their wedding planning.

But there are significant differences between planning you own wedding or planning one professionally.

Trust me it can be stressful!

On the day of the wedding itself you’ll work long hours, your feet will hurt and at times you’ll feel pulled in 1000 different directions at once.  

But Wedding Planning is also very rewarding with a huge degree of flexibility when it comes to working hours.

If you can’t stop thinking about becoming a wedding planner and wonder if you may be suited to it then these 5 personality traits might help.  

Of course these are just the start but they are definitely some of the top traits.

And don’t worry, all of them can be developed, if you don’t possess them naturally. There isn’t anything we can’t teach you about being successful as a wedding planner through our certified courses.

5 Traits A Wedding Planner Needs

  1. No 1 Communication

  2. As a Wedding Planner you’ll spend a large proportion of your time communicating with your clients and vendors. 
  3. A good Wedding Planner becomes like a personal assistant to her couple and this is who you’ll spend the majority of your time communicating with. 
  4. You need to be able to get your message across clearly, explain to your clients what you can create for them and advise on things like budget, trends and etiquette. 
  5. Your client will demand a lot of you, so your ability to communicate effectively (oral and written) will help you to deliver on their expectations and get it right the first time. 
  6. Your relationships with vendors are just as important and strong relationships help you to deliver great vendors and pricing to your clients. 
  7. Being able to communicate effectively will help you to negotiate with vendors and make your instructions to them clear so that on the day of the wedding, everyone involved has a positive experience.
  8. No 2 Customer Service

  9. This term doesn’t enjoy a sexy image.  We much prefer words like creativity when thinking of wedding planning. But don’t overlook the power of delivering excellent customer service. 
  10. At the Wedding Academy we believe that great customer service is at the heart of every successful business.  Respecting your customer is everything.
  11. No 3 Attention to Detail and Organisation

  12. These two terms are the ones we most associate with the role of a Wedding Planner and for good reason. Planning an event like a wedding is all about the detail.
  13. To be a good Wedding Planner you have to enjoy getting into the thick of things.
  14. But don’t be deterred if you’re not naturally organised or detail orientated.  When it comes to organisation and paying attention to detail, you can teach yourself to be both. Plus there’s lots of tools around to help you.  
  15. So whilst its great if you do have these traits naturally, spending time developing strategies, processes and systems to keep you organised is something we can help you with.
  16. No 4 Resourcefulness

  17. A good Wedding Planner is a great problem solver.  If you find that you can’t think straight when something goes wrong, this may not be the job for you. 
  18. However, if you spring to action in a crisis and can make lemonade from lemons, you’re perfect for the role of Wedding Planner. 
  19. Savvy shoppers, natural Girl Guides and girls who can sew on a button, mend a hem, get a stain off anything, or find just the right shade of pink, step this way!
  20. No 5 Creativity

  21. A good Wedding Planner is also a creative thinker.  Today’s couple’s want their Wedding to be a reflection of their personalities and they’re turning to Wedding Planners to help them create something unique. 
  22. Being creative means being able to take a seed of an idea and create something magical with it. 
  23. Today’s planners are exceptionally lucky.  There’s so much inspiration out there for us to draw upon from Pinterest and Instagram to blogs and magazines.
  24. This is another quality you can develop so if you don’t feel creative there’s lots of ways you can foster this trait within yourself.

So the big question is do you want to learn how to become a Wedding Planner?

If you do we’d love you to check out our Certificate in Wedding Planning, the perfect course to get you started and certified.

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