5 Tips for Styling a New Year's Eve Party

I hope you all had the most wonderful day yesterday, eating, drinking and being merry! I love this time of year but I’m always surprised and a little glum how quickly Christmas comes and is gone again for another year.
But fear not, with New Year’s Eve on the horizon we have another excuse to celebrate! And if you are anything like me, it’s another reason to exercise those styling skills.
Did you style up your home this Christmas? One of my favourite things to do is to wander around my Mum’s house collecting props to use in a creative festive tablescape. Our family home is a treasure trove of antiques and handmade pieces that my Mum has collected over the years and I love playing around with them to create something magical for our Christmas feast.
This year I have decided to go one step further and style a magical New Year’s celebration with friends. If you are hosting a party or dinner this New Year then it’s the perfect opportunity to flex your styling skills and have some fun.
To help you get started I have put together these 5 tips for styling a New Year’s Eve party:

Tell a Story

Consider the story of your event. Is it a themed celebration? Perhaps it is inspired by an era, maybe it has a stylistic theme such as ‘Celestial’ or maybe it is topical such as a new years resolution party. Or you may want to make it simpler and base it on a colour story. Think about how you will tell the event story through considered styling elements, props, menu and dress code.

Use Lighting to Create a Magical Ambience

I am a huge fan of using candles to create an amazing atmosphere. If you are hosting a dinner party you may want to fill your table with taper candles and tealights for a relaxed and cosy ambience. Or if you live in the Southern Hemisphere you may be hosting an outdoor party so think about using lanterns, festoon lighting or fairy lights to create some magic.

Make it Seasonal

Make use of what is in season in the decor. Here in the UK, I would be looking to use winter flowers such as Anemones and Hellebores or using evergreen foliage or Pussy Willow which can be found in abundance at this time of year. If it is summer where you are, make use of the beautiful blooms currently in season such as Anthurium, Poppies, Chrysanthemums, Freesias, Gladioli etc. If you don’t have the budget for flowers make a statement with seasonal food displays such as a cheese and wine station or a summer fruit platter as a centrepiece.

Use Contrasts to Create Impact

Contrasts are a great way to create visual impact in an event. Consider contrasting colours with the wow factor, mixing surfaces such as matte and metallic, and using contrasting textures. Use this to add depth to a tablescape or space by layering up contrasting surfaces, colours and elements.

Add Some Shimmer

For me, New Year’s is definitely the time to go a bit wild with the shimmer and sparkles. There are so many ways you can do this but to get you started you may want to look at sparkly linens, mercury glass elements, pearlescent glassware, metal elements (candlesticks, containers, flatware), metallic candles, shiny charger plates, edible glitter, neon lighting, etc.
I hope this post has helped inspire you to style your very own New Year’s Eve celebrations. Please remember to document your work and share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging us @WeddingAcademyLive

Martha Tobyn is a UK Academy graduate, the Academy Brand Manager and the Founder and Wedding Planner & Stylist behind Modern London wedding business Anemone. She loves being creative and helping couples have the wedding they really want.

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