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Every month I have the lucky task of sharing the stories of just some of our students and I am excited to say that as the year draws to a close, I have a lot of student success stories to share.  We have an incredibly talented and motivated student body and over the coming months, you will see more and more stories popping up on our campus websites, under the ‘Student of the Month’ and ‘Success Story’ categories.  But to get you started, I would like to introduce you to Rachel from the Australian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning campus and Nicola from the Wedding Planning Academy in the UK.


Rachel has been enrolled for just a few months, but already she is forging ahead with her career, by landing not one, but two event positions.  Her story is inspiring because it shows just what you can achieve if you put yourself out there and take advantage of the networks and opportunities around you.  Rachel is completing our Advanced Diploma and of her course says;
“I love the fact that I can study when I have the time, but also that it is wholly my responsibility. I am enjoying looking into things deeper and it has really made me think outside the box and not always follow trends.” – Rachel Byron
Rachel is also a Mum and a ‘juggler’ like so many of us but she is not letting that stand in the way of applying herself to her course;
I have set myself 1 day every week where I have to study. The kids are at school and kinder and hubby is off with Soldier On. This is MY day for me to do what I love…” – Rachel Byron
You can read my full interview with Rachel here.


As a Tutor, I always find it exciting to watch my students ‘find their way’ towards their career, through the course they are doing.  Not everyone is clear on their path when they enrol and for others, like Nicola, your goals can change along the way.  Since starting our Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning Nicola has shifted her focus to turning her blog, Hanami Dream into a business. And, she is well on her way, having achieved a Highly Commended at the UK Blog Awards, earlier this year.
“This feels like a fantastic evolution, which really excites me and fits in with my expanding family life (I’m expecting our third child this November). It’s great to be planning another styled shoot (even though I’ll be 8 months pregnant when it happens!) and working with venues and local businesses to feature them in the blog.” – Nicola Jackson
Like Rachel, Nicola has her hands full outside of her course, so we asked her if she had some study tips to share;
“I’ve (also) found that reading through all the unit projects and assignments in advance means that I know what is coming up and can make notes as and when inspiration strikes (some of my best inspiration comes to me in the shower, or when out walking). I also keep notes online so I can access them from any device, at any-time, anywhere.” – Nicola Jackson
This is great advice from Nicola and goes along with my belief that you can achieve a great deal even if you are busy, if you utilise the time you do have, wisely.  Not everyone can devote 3 hours to study 2 or 3 times a week, but most of us can find a spare 30-60 minutes a day, somewhere. Do that for 5 days and you have soon notched up some decent study time.
You can read my full interview with Nicola here.

Are you our next Success Story?

If you would like to find out more about studying with us so you can become our next success story, simply contact us via the campus closest to you (see the campus links below).  If you are a current Student, or Graduate with a story to share, email me.

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