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Help! I'm A Newly-Wed Addicted to Wedding Inspiration

Are you a newly-wed still pouring over wedding inspiration?  Are you hiding your addiction from your spouse, friends, family, and work-mates (yes we know you are doing this whilst you should be working and as your partner sleeps beside you)? It’s OK, you are not alone. In fact, a growing number of our Students are just like you.

Why do Brides and Grooms want to be Wedding Planners?

I believe it has a lot to do with the shift away from cookie-cutter weddings, to personalised and unique celebrations of a couple’s story and style.  As weddings become more bespoke, people like you are discovering a way to express their creativity, skills and experience in ways they never knew possible – planning and designing weddings.

Could I be a Wedding Planner?

If you loved planning (or styling) your own Wedding and find yourself missing it, becoming a Wedding Planner (or Wedding Stylist) is something you should at least consider.  Think about it, a Wedding is essentially a project, that you manage from start to finish; from concept development to building and managing a team (your suppliers and vendors) to handling all of the associated Admin (checklists, run-sheets, budgets, contracts), to executing it all on the day. The idea of doing all of that drives many couples crazy and that is why they hire a Wedding professional.  But if you are a Bride or Groom who thrived on juggling all of that with getting married, then chances are, you would make one hell of a Wedding Planner.

How do I become a Wedding Planner?

Planning your own wedding is a good way to gauge if you enjoy planning weddings, but it doesn’t make you a Wedding Planner. In many ways, as a Bride or Groom, you were the ideal client; you love everything you suggest and even when you don’t, you are not offended. Planning someone else’s wedding takes a range of different skills and knowledge and that is where taking a course can really help.  Becoming Accredited will also demonstrate to your future clients that you are a professional, not just a bride or groom who enjoyed planning their own wedding.
Talk to one of our Course Advisors about turning your passion for weddings into a career you love. Use the links below to book a Course Consultation with your local campus.
Australian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning NZ Academy of Wedding & Event Planning UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning North American Academy of Wedding & Event Planning Arabian Academy of Wedding and Event Education

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Wedding Academy | Wedding planner courses, wedding stylist courses, wedding business courses

Wedding Academy | Wedding planner courses, wedding stylist courses, wedding business courses