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Welcome to the Wedding Academy Affiliate Partner Program! 🎉

If you’re here it means you’re ready to earn some income from all those enquiries you receive about how to become a wedding planner.

And I want to help you do that. You’ll find everything you  need in this hub.

So let’s get started

Affiliate Info...

Affiliate commission is 10% across all Wedding Academy courses.

There are chances to increase this through bespoke collaborations such as contributing something to a course or through a Joint Venture Webinar (offering these soon!)

Your affiliate links have a 6 Month cookie length.

If someone clicks your link now and buys in days or months down the line, you’ll get your due commissions as long as yours was the last affiliate link they clicked

If someone clicks your affiliate link for one course but buys another, you’ll still receive commission.

For example, if you send someone to the Certificate in Wedding Planning but they end up enrolling on the Certificate in Floral Design, you’ll still receive that commission

Promotional Assets…

Promotional Assets...

My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can get you up and runninng as soon as possible.


We’ve created a Google Drive Folder with lots of great Promotional Images all designed and ready for you to use. You can of course use your own but these are designed with speed in mind to get you up and running.

We will continue to add to these as we go along:

  • Website Banners and Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Email Swipe File (Coming Soon)
  • Social  Media Swipe File (Coming Soon)
  • Testimonial Swipe File
  • Blog Post Ideas

Ways to Promote...

Although promoting affiliate and partner programs is a form of passive income there is still some work required. Below we’ve broken down some of the best ways to promote our partnership to give you the maximum chance of success.

It’s time to earn some passive income with the Wedding Academy…

It’s time to earn some passive income with the Wedding Academy…

The Wedding Academy | Become a Wedding Planner

The Wedding Academy | Become a Wedding Planner