Are Other Wedding Planners Really Your Competitors

Do you stalk your competition? Are you obsessed with what they do, where they advertise and who their clients are? If you are you shouldn’t be. I really want to talk to you today about a much healthier way to view your competition.

The big thing I’ve learnt over my years in business is that competition really is healthy. Apart from anything else it keeps you on your toes and stops you from becoming too blasé about what you do. It is all too easy to sit back on your heels and think you’re the best thing since sliced bread because you’re having a few good months with new clients signing on the dotted line. There is always someone biting away on your heels just waiting to jump into your place.

That said it is also very unhealthy to obsess over what other wedding planners in your area are doing. Be aware of them, know who they are and what their level of pricing is and then move on. Don’t let it take over your life or it will ruin you.

The main thing to remember about being in business is that nobody can really do what you do and that is especially true in a service industry. As wedding planners or stylists it is ‘you’ that your client is buying and you have to remember that you are an original. There is only one of you and no matter what someone else might try to do they can never actually be you, only an imitation of you. They can offer the same service, but will it have that unique twist that only you can offer? They can copy your designs, but will they ever be able to come up with the unique ideas or understand the concept behind them in order to execute them? I doubt it.

So really when it comes down to it competition is only competition because they happen to be in the same industry offering a similar service. Now I don’t want to oversimplify things, but the reality is really that simple. Nobody can really do exactly what you do.

You are unique and nobody can take that away from you, so don’t be afraid to share. Are you wondering what I mean by that? Don’t worry I haven’t gone completely mad, but has it ever occurred to you that there will come a time, quite a few of them as you get busier, that you won’t be able to actually service every enquiry that drops into your Inbox or message you get on Facebook? As you get more clients your time is not going to be so readily available and the logical thing to do here would be to recommend those enquiries you simply can’t handle to your competitor down the road.

That is the professional thing to do and also the smart thing do to. Sharing the love will come back to you in more ways than you can imagine and building a relationship with Jane Brown Wedding Planner down the road is a much healthier way to build your business rather than obsessing over what Jane Brown is doing.

I have seen this work time and time again with the wedding planners I’ve met in the States. They are also a lot more willing to share their knowledge with each other. They believe there is enough business to go around and believe in their own unique qualities enough to not let the competition bother them.

To learn more about being a wedding planner and and sustaining a wedding planning business you might like to look at our Business of Weddings Video Series where a whole host of wedding professionals share their knowledge and expertise on video.

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