Author: Jac Bowie

I Have My Wedding Academy Certificate but Now What?

Congratulations on completing your Wedding Planning Certification. The demand for wedding services continues to rise, especially with the popularity of destination weddings. You’re about to enter a fabulous career if you love being around beautiful spaces and creating memories. So let’s talk about how to begin. Create a Business Plan The first step in starting… Read more »

Halloween Tablescape Competition

The Wedding Academy Halloween Tablescape

It’s time for something fun at the Wedding Academy. We love any opportunity to hone our design skills and there’s nothing better than using an event like Halloween to get those creative juices flowing. The question is are you up for the challenge? We want you to get creative, challenge yourself and practise your styling… Read more »

The best wedding coordinator courses for wedding venues and hotels

Best Wedding Coordinator Courses

Weddings are just like any other event right? There are people, a venue, catering, so your staff don’t need specific wedding training – as long as they understand events they’ll be fine…….wrong. Weddings are the pinnacle event in people’s lives. Their hopes, dreams and fairytale fantasies rest on that one day. For your staff, that’s… Read more »

Why you shouldn’t become a wedding coordinator

Why you shouldn't become a wedding coordinator

This might seem an odd topic to cover when we sell courses that help you become a wedding coordinator. But hear us out. Wedding coordination is hard work. It’s not all roses, gowns and confetti! Long unsociable hours, tricky clients, and bringing someone else’s vision to life are some drawbacks to this role. So before… Read more »

Time Management for Wedding Pros

Time Management Tips for Wedding Pros

Wedding season is beginning to advance and for those of us in the wedding industry, we know that can only mean chaos if we aren’t time management wizards! So, here are our time management tips to help you stay on schedule…   1. Establish a Schedule This might seem obvious, but how you make your… Read more »