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Is 2020 the Year you become a Wedding Planner

Become a Wedding Planner in 2020

Become a Wedding Planner in 2020.
Let’s make today the day that completely changes your life forever. The day you bump “change my career” to the top of your to-do list.
No more excuses, okay?
And don’t think I can’t hear you saying well that’s OK for you to say because you’re not the one who has to do it.
No but, I have previously and I lived to tell the tale. And now I’m doing something I enjoy in an industry I love. If I can you can too.
I’m no different to you and neither are any of the other students of the Academy who have gone before you. We’ve all had the same fears and worries but we’ve taken a chance and believed in ourselves.
You can’t be afraid of change you have to embrace it. Anyone in business will tell you that. Change is good and it’s what helps you to move forward and grow.
Changing careers is a challenge but if it is truly something you want then embrace the change.
Let me tell you a story of just 3 of the students who have studied at the Academy…

  • Kelsey started off with zero confidence, masses of talent and no idea how to focus it. She now has a really successful business and is doing exactly what she set out to do and is now full time on that business.
  • Candace wanted to get as much experience as possible and won the opportunity to intern at the Whitehouse under Obama – now it doesn’t get much bigger than that.
  • Ana had a dream about starting a Destination Wedding Business. She didn’t know where to start, wasn’t sure how to market herself and was very nervous about meeting clients and putting together proposals that would sell her services. She’s now doing incredibly well with a business that isn’t just established but is turning a profit.

All three of these girls started exactly where you are now.
They didn’t have prior experience, they were lacking in confidence, worried about being able to make a living out of their dream, but ultimately they took the risk, a calculated risk.
So tell me are you ready to become a Wedding Planner?
Let’s do this.
Take advantage today of our 15% off sale that finishes on Tuesday. YES, IT REALLY IS 15% OFF EVERYTHING EVEN PAYMENT PLANS.
Use the code WEDBIZMAS to get your 15% discount.
We can’t wait to welcome you to our student community and help you take that next step.


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