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Become an Accredited Wedding Stylist in 12 Weeks

Do you LOVE spending hours pouring over the gorgeous details of wedding inspiration shoots and beautiful real weddings?
Are you possibly just a little bit Pinterest obsessed? Are your boards overflowing with your favourite wedding styles, themes, colours and decor ideas?
Well, you are not alone. I couldn’t tell you how many beautifully curated wedding inspiration feeds I follow on Instagram or how many hours I spend a week pinning wedding design ideas. Perhaps like me, you are a creative, visual person with an eye for design and you crave a way to use this in your day to day life? If the answer is a resounding YES then it might be time to consider a career change and become a Wedding Stylist.
This year I made the jump from a reasonably successful fashion career, to currently studying and planning the launch of my Wedding Design & Styling business. I’m also incredibly lucky that whilst I make this exciting new career transition, I get to work for the Academy and thus immerse myself in the wedding world.
So what does a Wedding Stylist actually do? Find out from wedding inspiration leader, B.Loved blogger and pro stylist Louise Beukes..

Does this sound like your dream career? Well, we can help you get the training you will need to make this a reality. Our new Certificate in Wedding Styling has been designed to help you become an accredited Wedding Stylist in as little as 12 weeks:

  • We will show you how to take your inspiration and creativity and channel it into the design of a wedding.
  • You will learn how to take the briefest of ideas and turn it into a concept by using design tools such as mood boards, colour swatches, fabric samples and flower charts.
  • You will graduate knowing how to design a table from the bottom up and how to layout and structure each element on it.
  • We cover the production and logistics of styling a wedding so you can understand how to produce your wedding flawlessly.
  • Finally, you will be shown how to communicate your design to your clients and produce the perfect client proposal.

Is this all starting to sound exciting? Then you can find out more by reading up on the course which is currently available through our UK and Australian campuses. Want to chat to us further about the course and opportunities? Then you can contact our course consultants Zoe (UK) and Christine (AU), who will be more than happy to help.
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