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Becoming a Visionary in the Wedding Industry

Becoming a visionary may seem like a lofty goal for some, but rest assured that it is achievable for anyone who puts in the right amount of effort. It’s someone who thinks outside the box and is setting trends as opposed to following them. Of course, that also means that you need the design, vision, and execution skills to go with the creative ideation.

Visionaries are highly sought after by clients because they know that they will craft a unique design. They want to be able to share an idea and let the professional run with it, making it ten times better.

Being an industry visionary builds your professional network as well since other event professionals will look to you for insight on the latest and greatest design trends.

Here are a few strategies for elevating your reputation in the industry and becoming a true visionary.

Be patient.

Becoming an expert takes time, plain and simple. If you are new to the industry, you need to give yourself the space to explore and learn. Don’t assume that you will jump into the business and lead others when you’re still looking to Pinterest for ideas each week. It would help if you came into your design style before you can start making waves.

Earn your marks.

Continued education is highly valuable — and not just because clients are impressed by letters after your name. Certifications are surely a powerful sales and marketing advantage, but continued education also provides you with new insights and keeps you on top of the changes in the industry.

Attend as many conferences as you can. Get board-certified in your field. Gather information and inspiration from adjacent industries, like a home design workshop or a seminar on fashion trends. Staying in learning mode is a surefire way to keep you ahead of the event industry.

Seek outside inspiration.

You cannot be a visionary if you’re always gathering inspiration from within your industry. Instead, get creative with your sources for inspiration. For example, we are all about floral design — but I’m going to furniture design centers and events about linens and textiles. That way, I know what’s up-and-coming and how it applies to floral arrangements and event design.

Traveling can be an invaluable experience, as well. When you’ve physically been to a place and immersed in a different culture, you can recreate that far better than if you saw a mood board of imagery. Understand that design comes from all directions, not just from a book or from a Pinterest page.

The hallmark of a true industry visionary is someone who takes every aspect of an event and makes it exciting and unique. It’s not just bringing in farm tables for a rustic event; it’s about breaking down every detail and bringing them together for a never-before-seen production.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Oleta Collins
Oleta Collins is the owner of Flourishing Art Design Studio, a premier florist and design studio in Bakersfield, California, that specializes in luxury weddings and events. She is also a Certified Floral Designer and an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers.

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