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Wedding Blog Topic Trends for 2018

Wondering what to blog about in 2018? Google Trends is a helpful, free tool that will tell you exactly what your audience is searching for and which topics are trending right now.
After practising wedding SEO for 10+ years now, I’ve learned that keywords evolve. As event trends come and go, as new words enter into the vernacular (ex. selfie, photo bomb), it’s only natural that keyword popularity will change from year to year.
Just look at how the keyword phrase “styled shoot” has changed in popularity over the years:
So as you plan out your editorial calendar for the year, you want to remember to update your wedding keyword strategy so that your blog posts are targeting search phrases that have growing traffic.

How to Find Trending Keywords

Google Trends is a free resource that will help you find out whether a keyword is growing or shrinking in popularity as well as find related keywords that are up-and-coming which you might not have considered.
Here’s how to do your own research:

  1. Visit Google Trends.
  2. In this Explore Topics search field type in a general keyword that relates to a topic you’re considering writing about.

First, check out the trend graph to see if the number of monthly searches are going up or down, which indicates popularity – it’s best to use at least 1-2 years as a timeframe since wedding topics tend to be seasonal.

  1. Then, scroll down to the Related Queries section to discover related topics that people are searching for, which can inspire you to select an SEO-friendly topic.

Trending Topics for 2018

To get you started, here are 20 upward trending keywords for 2018, related to the topic of “wedding planning” that you can consider for your blog this year:

Coming up with fresh wedding blog topics is always a work in progress. But when you monitor changes in what your audience is looking for with free tools like Google Trends, you can always stay a little ahead of the curve.
Kathy is the founder of Bride Appeal, where she takes the overwhelm out of SEO, sales and website conversion so wedding businesses can thrive online. Connect with Kathy and turn more curious visitors into paying clients at http://brideappeal.com.
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