Four days of online training for aspiring Wedding Planners!

Each day we’ll be hosting a FREE training session taking you through the first steps to launching a Wedding Planning Business.


The Online Wedding Business Bootcamp 2020

Get ready to find YOUR WEDDING BUSINESS SUPERPOWER because by the end of this Bootcamp you’ll be ready to take that next step with confidence

Get the knowledge to realise YOUR DREAM of becoming a Wedding Planner

4 Days of learning and taking action

4 Days to give you the confidence

4 Days to transform your life


As seen in...

As seen in...

Meet your host, Wedding Academy CEO Kylie…

Meet your host, Kylie..

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What's on the agenda?

DAY 1 – Monday, August 24th – Discovering Your Wedding Super Power

This session is all about discovering who you are as a wedding planner and how you’re going to make it happen. We’ll be setting goals, creating a vision board and giving you the confidence to move forward.

DAY 2 – Tuesday, August 25th – Finding your Wedding Business Style

Time to take a look at your style and aesthetic. We’re going to discover what style of weddings you love and how to translate that into your wedding business by creating a Pinterest Board that represents that aesthetic.

DAY 3 – Wednesday, August 26th – How to ‘Get Clients’ as a Wedding Planner

Next up is to do some digging as it’s time to find out where your ideal bride hangs out so you can get in front of her and start building that wedding planner trust that gets you clients.

DAY 4 – Thursday, August 27th – Start Your Wedding Business Masterclass

This MASTERCLASS is going to show you how to GET REAL and take that next step to becoming a Wedding Planner. This is the key to your future as a Wedding CEO.

This 4 Day Online Bootcamp is for you if your dream career includes...

Free Wedding Planner Course

Doing something you’re passionate about that allows your creative imagination to take over

Being excited to make others happy and make their wedding dreams come alive

Working from home and having creative control to develop your own business

Having flexibility in your life and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance

Seeing ideas come to life and making dreams come true by creating a day to remember


By smashing the self-installed glass ceiling you’ll understand how you can make a living as a WEDDING PLANNER.


Break everything down into manageable goals to help you become laser focused and ready to TAKE ACTION


Know WHERE TO BEGIN with your Wedding Planning Business and the steps to take so overwhelm is a thing of the past.

You'll have the Wedding Academy Team Behind You Every Step of the Way

This is your chance to connect with the Wedding Academy team. We’ve helped launch nearly 5,000 wedding business over 12 years and we can help you too.

Join us in this 4 Day Online Bootcamp on Facebook and enjoy FREE Live Training, support from our Mentors and our amazing Community of Students and Alumni.


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