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The Creative Brain Aerobics

Brainstorming and Creative Brain Aerobics

Time to talk brainstorming and creative brain aerobics

I’m the first person to admit that I HATE going to the gym. But I love power walking with my border collie Lottie out in the French countryside.

It’s so invigorating and boy does it get my creative juices flowing.

The endorphins kick in and the adrenaline starts to pump which is why I tend to go for early morning walks. It wakes me up and sets me up for the day.

The same should be done for the mind.

Our minds need to be mentally stimulated and challenged on a daily basis to keep them alert and firing on all cylinders.

As wedding planners, designers and stylists we work in a highly creative atmosphere and are often required to turn on the creative side of our minds at a moment’s notice. We all know this is no easy task so how do we go about it?

What can we do to really keep our minds active and allow them to fire-up quickly?

Here are our top tips for braintorming and creative brain aerobics:

Daily Discovery

Try and learn something new every day and then relate it to weddings and events. Try reading about the latest trends in home interiors and see how you can integrate these into your next event. The idea of this exercise is to train yourself to automatically look for connections between things.

Train Your Brain to be Creative

Shower Singing

Let rip when you are in the shower and sing your favourite songs. This helps to unleash the creative side of your brain. Have you ever noticed how it is so much easier to rhyme when you sing rather than write? This is because the right brain is better at pattern recognition.

Go Crazy

Allow your mind run wild on one idea. Each day pick a word and spend 5 minutes brainstorming other words that expand on your chosen word. Nothing is off limits and anything goes. Don’t have any barriers and let your mind roam free. This exercise done daily will help your creative mind spark into action quicker.


Creative doodling allows you to unleash the unconscious mind through symbolic expression. Focus on one element of an event your planning and hold it in your mind whilst allowing yourself to go into a blank stare. When ideas start to flood your mind simply doodle them onto a blank piece of white paper.

Become Cryptic

Do a daily crossword to get your mind thinking. Not only will cryptic crosswords keep your mind sharp they will also help you to start thinking creatively. They are an excellent way to flex your brain muscles, and clear the cobwebs from your mind.

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