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Branding for Wedding Pros

Branding for Wedding Pros

Branding for wedding pros is such a big topic. It’s something we dive deep into as part of our Wedding Business Launchpad course.
However, branding isn’t just about having a lovely logo, or the images you use on your website, it’s about so much more.
Your brand has to create an emotional connection with your ideal client.
Recently I stumbled across a website, called ‘Welcome Home’. It immediately drew me in. I read every word, on every page and happily lost myself in the images on the site. There is absolutely no reason for this. 
The website is designed to share information about photography workshops, which are held on the opposite side of the world to me. 
I have no intention of ever going to one of these workshops.
And I wasn’t on the site snooping for ideas for my own business, it has nothing to do with my business.
You can take a look at the site yourself here.
This site, was referred to me because of the great copywriting on it and it is beautifully written.  But my reason for staying so long was more than an appreciation of the writing style. 
This site represented the people behind it so beautifully.  Without knowing them at all and only having their words, a photo of the two of them and their work to go by, I felt I knew them. And that’s what drew me in. 
With every page of this website, I felt as though I was being told a story about the people behind this business. 
In short, I was receiving their brand message. And this brand is completely aligned with the two people behind it.

Why does this matter?

If you’re about to start working on a website for your wedding business, or even if you have a site, I recommend checking out this site. 
Absorb it and then consider what you want people to know about you and how you can be of service to them. What is your brand message? 
In this crowded industry, where customers have so much choice, the businesses gaining the most business, will be the ones that make that personal ‘connection’.
This needs to happen right from the first meeting, via a website, blog or social media post. That’s why your brand is so important.

This approach may take bravery

When I read the words on the Welcome Home site, I understand how transparent they are trying to be about what is meaningful to them.
Their hope is that others will connect with that and join them at their workshops. 
There’s no hard sell, just honesty and that does take a lot of bravery when you also want to make money from your business. 
It also requires you to ‘block out’ your competitors and think only about what it is that makes you unique in the eyes of your customers.

Tell your story

If I had to summarise what I’m trying to say here in one sentence it would be; you have a story to tell your future customers, don’t be afraid to tell it.
Your story (YOU) is what makes your business unique and ultimately it is what will draw your ideal client to you.
One of the things I love most about being a Mentor at the Wedding Academy is helping them to identify their ideal client and tell their brand story.  
If your goal is to launch a wedding business that reflects your unique style, personality and vision, check out our FREE mini course to find out how we can help you to do just that!

Christine Ligthart is a Mentor with the Academy and Founder of I Do Crew which specialises in offering On the Day Wedding Coordination.  www.idocrew.com.au
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