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Business in a Box for Wedding Planners

Business in a Box for Wedding Planners

Business in a Box for Wedding Planners is the ultimate A-Z blueprint of templates for your wedding business. It’s been designed to help you hit the ground running with all the templates you need to run your business.
If you’ve ever wondered how to put together consultation questionnaires, vendor sheets, timelines, and production schedules, then you’ll love Business in a Box for Wedding Planners.
As a bonus we’ve also included 10 Email Templates you can use to help you get clients and manage the admin process of planning weddings for a living.
All the wedding planners I’ve mentored are running successful businesses and making money…and you should be too.
Here’s the thing. They’re all following the same step-by-step process to get wedding clients, beat the competition and therefore stand out from the wedding crowd. But on top of this they also have all the tools they need to actually run their wedding business. This includes their templates, admin procedures, and checklists used for each wedding making the management of what they do so much easier.
And no doubt you’d love to be able to do that too and finally start your new career as a wedding planner knowing you can make it work and earn a living.
Using a tried and tested blueprint is the number one reason that my students are doing well in their businesses and getting to create stunning weddings for a living.

What does Business in a Box include:

  • 10 Email Templates (complete Swipe File)
  • Table Setting and Linen Guide
  • Cake Size Guide
  • Alcohol Purchase Guide
  • Wedding Planner’s Packing List
  • Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit List
  • Linen and Rental Worksheet
  • 11 Vendor Meeting Questionnaires
  • Wedding Day Timeline Template
  • Client Consultation Form Template

The Wedding Academy doesn’t sell courses it helps launch successful wedding businesses. We’ve been featured in Forbes, Vogue, New York Times, Martha Stewart, Huffington Post and more as the ‘go to experts‘ on running a successful wedding business.
If you’re just starting out as a wedding planner these tools will help take your business to the next level.
So, if you can see the benefit of using ‘done for you’ templates that work, click here to checkout Business in a Box for Wedding Planners.
Business in a Box for Wedding Planners
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