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Business Tools You Cannot Do Without

Business Tools

We had another lively chat on #WedBizHour last night talking about those business tools that we just can’t do without in our work life. Over the last five years the marketplace has become saturated with Apps all claiming to help with productivity, give you more time and streamline your business. The problem is there are now so many to choose from it is hard to see the wood through the trees.

At the Academy we use some great tools that really do help with our productivity and are tried and tested, so we thought we’d share our top 10 with you here on the blog. For a full transcript of the Twitter Chat you can download the PDF version here…

  • Tool 1 – Google Analytics. Great for finding out more nformation about your online visitors.
  • Tool 2 – Basecamp. Create to-do-lists, start a message board, organise events, set deadlines, & share files.
  • Tool 3 – Docusign. Sign documents on the go electronically without printing out, signing and posting.
  • Tool 4 – CoSchedule. Creates a blog schedule so that you can deliver quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Tool 5 – Canva. A free and easy to use graphic design tool great for creating unique social media images.
  • Tool 6 – Expensify. Capture receipts, track mileage & business travel to create expense reports on the go.
  • Tool 7 – Weave. The equivalent of Tinder for networking. Great replacement for networking events.
  • Tool 8 – Audio Memos. A voice recorder for iPad and iPhone. Great for meeting with clients.
  • Tool 9 – EverNote. A fantastic note tool that also allows you to clip web pages, upload files & share easily.
  • Tool 10 – Roomr. Allows you to find and book meeting rooms for free right from your smartphone.

If you have any particularly great tools that you couldn’t live without please share them with us here.

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