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What’s holding you back from your dream career as a Wedding Planner?

Each week I hear from a lot of people all looking to change their lives and transition into a creative career, one they really love. A career that really motivates, inspires and challenges them.

They see the wedding industry as the perfect creative solution to their career problems.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be involved in the love story of two people on the biggest day of their lives?

But there is always something holding them back.

Of course, everyone’s story is different but at the bottom of it all there tends to be the same underlying issues which are a combination of the following:

  • A lack of confidence
  • Being unsure of where to start
  • A money mindset issue

The great thing with all of these issues is they’re easy to fix and don’t have to be an unsolved problem.

“I just don’t have the confidence to become a Wedding Planner”

The reason most people don’t feel confident about stepping out into a new career is a simple matter of knowledge.

When you first start out in any job you don’t necessarily have the knowledge to complete all the tasks required of you. This is exactly the same.

You wouldn’t take a job as an accountant without getting the relevant training, would you?

What about hairdressers. Can you imagine working as a hairdresser without actually knowing how to cut someone’s hair?

You wouldn’t do it would you? Well not unless you want to risk being chased down the road by an angry client after you’ve ruined their hair.

Being a Wedding Planner, Wedding Stylist or Floral Designer is exactly the same.

You get the right training, the best support and allow yourself to be educated by those who know how, which then gives you the knowledge.

By default, having the knowledge gives you the confidence you need to plan and design dream weddings.

 “I don’t know where to start. I have no idea how to run a wedding business”

I completely get it. Starting any business is daunting and completely overwhelming if you don’t know the steps.

It doesn’t have to be scary. You’re not alone.

At the Academy we helped over 500 new wedding planners, stylists and designers in 2020 alone.

We give you a blueprint to follow and a formula that works. It takes the guess work out of it and stops you making big mistakes and wasting a tonne of money.

We know what it’s like to be ‘just starting out’ because all of the Academy Mentors, me included as the CEO, have all been where you are right now.

What was different for us? We didn’t have the support, community and mentoring that is available with the Wedding Academy. But you do.

“I have a job and need to earn a full-time income. I can’t leave my job to run a wedding business.”

Great news! You don’t have to.

Think about it. When do most weddings happen? At weekends, right?

When do you think wedding clients want to meet you? After work or at weekends.

We never and I repeat NEVER encourage our students to leave their jobs until they are ready, and their business is turning a profit.

You can study your course by putting aside just a few hours each week.

And the best bit is you can start your business whilst you’re studying. Our course takes you by the hand and shows you how to launch your business.

Each module and lesson have been created to help you get started quickly by giving you a fool proof system that avoids the costly mistakes.

I’m passionate about helping others to enjoy the industry that I’ve loved and been a part of for so many wonderful years now, and I’d love to help you too.

It’s time to turn that dream into a reality and get started on your new career. Get certified with the Wedding Academy!

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Wedding Academy | Wedding planner courses, wedding stylist courses, wedding business courses

Wedding Academy | Wedding planner courses, wedding stylist courses, wedding business courses