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Career in the Wedding and Event Industry

Do you want a Career in the Wedding and Event Industry?

Here at the Academy, we deal with this question every day. It’s great to chat to so many aspiring wedding and event pros who are making the empowering decision to take control of their career and follow their dreams.
Back when our CEO Kylie started her wedding and events business, wedding planning was rarely considered a ‘real’ career profession. Roll forward to today and a career as a Wedding Planner, Wedding Stylist, Event Planner, Event Designer or Floral Stylist is totally viable. We should know, we’ve helped over 3000+ graduates launch their career in the wedding and event industry.
We know that saying “YES” and taking those first steps toward creating a career you’ll love can be overwhelming. How do we know? Because every member of the Academy team has been where you are now.
That’s why you can literally ask our course consultants and tutors ANYTHING. There is no such thing as a silly question.
In this blog post, we are going to cover the most common questions we get asked from those of you considering launching a career in weddings/events and getting qualified with the Academy.

Career Prospects and Launching a Business

Most people who come to us are looking for a career they are passionate about; but also one which affords them flexibility, so they can successfully balance their work and personal lives. Having more freedom to work around raising a family, and being in control of career projection and earnings are big motivators.

We often get asked; “Will I get a job at the end of my course?” The straight answer is; that’s all down to you. Our courses will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and expertise you will need to land a great job in the industry. However, as with any career, this is also down to your passion, motivation and attitude. If you want that job and you are motivated to go out there and work to get it then we have every confidence you’ll find success.

Many of our students study with us with the intention of launching their own business and in fact, the founding members of our team started out in the wedding & event industry with this very same ambition and run successful businesses alongside their Academy work. Which is why our tutors are perfectly placed to help you do the same. All our Diploma courses include training on how to successfully set up, launch and market your very own wedding business.

Why a Career in the Wedding & Event Industry?

A career in our industry is perfect for anyone who has a creative soul (and creative thinkers are just as admired as creative stylists). It is also a career which attracts people who love to plan and ‘organise’…anything.

Our industry is perfect for you if you are looking for a business with flexible hours, great potential for growth and one that you can operate from home if you choose. The special events industry generates billions in worldwide revenue and supports millions of jobs globally, so there is a huge scope for carving out a successful career in this industry and doing it on your own terms.

Being a Student Again

Studying with the Academy is not like going back to school. This is education re-imagined.

Consistent with our understanding of the fact that not everyone’s schedule can fit in with that of a traditional training organisation, we have devoted ourselves to offering an online learning experience that delivers all the flexibility our students need. But like some other training courses we don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of the course material, and the level of support you receive from the moment you enrol and beyond Graduation. Most of our students study whilst doing a number of other things; working, looking after a family, living life!  Some have even launched their new career alongside doing all of this.

What works for most of our students is the opportunity to set their own study schedule and work at their own pace through the coursework. Our learning materials are engaging and delivered in a number of different formats and this is something else our students tell us that they love about studying with us.

Who Will You Learn From?

Even if you’ve planned your own wedding or a friend’s big day we think the best way to learn is from experienced professionals. That is why each student is fully supported by their own dedicated tutor, who has experience of running their own weddings & events business. Along with their expert skills and knowledge, it’s the experience of ‘having been there too’ that is invaluable.

You will also have access to our private Facebook group where our students, graduates, tutors and other team members network and exchange advice.  Our community has embraced the forum and it is now a key part of the support network available to students. In fact, it is the place where many of our students are finding their first work experiences and making connections that will become part of their career network beyond the course.

Remember we are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about a career in the wedding and event industry. There isn’t much our course consultants don’t know about the industry and studying with us. If you’re brand new to this blog and just want to find out more about the industry in general or you have been considering a career change for a while and want to discuss your options get in touch with a course consultant from your nearest Academy campus:
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