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Each week myself and my fellow Courses Advisors here at the Academy are contacted by people who have the feeling that something is missing from their life, at least when it comes to their career. They contact us because they are ready to make a change. Do you feel dis-satisfied with your current job or the career path you are on?  If so, try asking yourself these questions to be sure:1.

You are currently employed

  1.   You are great at what you do, but does it feel like something is missing?

2.  Is it time to take back control of your career and reap the rewards by working for yourself?
3.  In your current job, do you feel like an insignificant cog in a money making machine?

You are on a career break after becoming a Mum (or Dad)

  1.  Now that you are a parent, are you missing the independence work gave you, but feel sick at the thought of going back to your old job?

2.  Do you need something creative to do outside of your role as a Mum or Dad?
3.  Are you looking for a way to have a more balanced lifestyle?

You recently got married and you just don’t feel the same about your old job

  1.  Now that you are married, do you miss planning a wedding?

2.  Are you looking at weddings on Instagram and Pinterest, even though your weddings was months ago?
3.  Are your friends texting you and asking you for help planning their wedding?
If you answered yes to any of these questions it might be time to consider a career change.  But acknowledging that, is the easy part.  How do you make it happen?
Based on my own experience and that of watching others succeed, I have identified 5 steps anyone can take to successfully change careers.  I have put turned these steps into ‘actions’ and put them together in an Ebook for you to download. This Action Plan is for everyone, whether you know what you want to do, but not how to get there, or you have no clue what you would love to do. Even if you have just thought about changing careers recently, you can get some value out of the Action Plan.
To start doing something you feel passionate about everyday, simply complete this form to receive your free Action Plan.

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