Choosing a domain name for a Wedding Planning Business

By now most people in business understand the importance of developing online marketing strategies. We all know that we need to make sure we use keywords within our copy, although not too many otherwise it is viewed as spam when we litter our Home Page with an abundance of keywords. Another important one is to keep website content fresh and updated as Google prefers sites that do this. Linking to other sites is important, but you need to have a strategy for doing this as the sites you link to need to be relevant to what you do. There is no point in linking to sites that have nothing to do with weddings and events as this won’t help you either and will probably do you more harm than good.

One area that is often overlooked is the importance of the domain name. Now we will all have chosen a domain name that works in with our brand – that is the obvious choice. We have done the same at the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning and chosen www.aawep.com.au for our Australian Academy and www.ukawep.co.uk for our UK Academy. Now those names in themselves don’t mean alot and are simply a shortened version of the full name of the business and chosen for branding purposes only. What I am talking about is search engine friendly, keyword based, multiple domain names. Now that might sound like a whole load of internet jargon but it is really quite simple.

Unlike people who will only go by one name your website can go by multiple names. Now if the Academy was to go by company name only it would require a huge marketing campaign to get the name out there, but by buying multiple domain names that say to people what it is the Academy does it can help to kick start the online marketing campaign in an very effective way. With the advent of so many new domain extensions such as .biz, .net etc there are so much more choice.

Let me explain what I mean. The Academy offers courses in Wedding Planning, Event Styling & Design and Event Planning so there are some logical domains to be had from that as follows:

  1. www.weddingschool.com.au
  2. www.weddingstyling.com.au
  3. www.weddingtraining.com.au

Aside from the fact that these domain names are keyword rich they are also far more memorable to people who aren’t familiar with your brand. If someone has forgotten your company name but knows they are looking for wedding planning courses and they type in wedding school the Academy will pop up first with a domain name that is familiar.

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