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Do Your Social Media Efforts Match Your Brand?

Do you find the social media universe a little daunting to navigate? Not sure why your followers aren’t engaging with your brand? Today we have a few tips to help you out.

Consistency is the key

Does your website and social media accounts maintain the same aesthetic feel? Brand consistency should follow everywhere you go in a professional context – regardless if your business has a physical or a virtual location (or both). This will draw your potential clientele in and keep them engaged, happy in the knowledge that they’re in professional, capable hands.
Admit it – there’s nothing worse than going to a company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile and wondering if you’re at the right place.
Have you had a change in artwork or logo design? Make sure you change it right across the board, or you run the risk of confusing potential clients when they stumble across a platform or an ad. You wouldn’t send out old business cards – and this is absolutely no different. While you’re at it – make sure your business hours, email addresses and current phone numbers are up to date. You do NOT want to miss out on that contract because you changed your number and forgot to update it.
Getting back to the topic of artwork for a moment – don’t forget that this too, is a reflection of your brand – so choose your graphic designer wisely. Remember, hiring an amateur (or doing it yourself) is often going to be more expensive in the long run. Often it’s a great idea to use a killer photograph of your services or products, but some choose to use graphics that reflect current promotions. Make sure that you own any artwork that you use (do not under any circumstances use images without permission – it is a lawsuit waiting to happen).
Also – if your graphic designer issues you a “Stylesheet” – complete with exact colour codes and fonts – ensure that you use it. Remember, they know more about branding than you do (that’s why you hired them after all), and when you go off-course, they may not wish to work with you again because tinkering with their work doesn’t become a good reflection of their brand.
Social Media Marketing

Develop a voice…an authentic, professional one.

This one’s always been the trickiest line to balance for many people who feel like they need to “sell” consistently. Don’t be that guy who walks into the cocktail party handing out his card to anyone who makes eye-contact, ready with the smooth sales pitch. Social Media is called this for a reason – it’s a “social” space. You are sharing the space with photos of parties, graduations, selfies and birth notices. Trust me when I say that sales-pitch posts will be scrolled by at lightning speed. Use them sparingly.
Your “voice” is how your brand appears in people’s heads when they read your posts. Does it elicit trust and sensitivity? Or do you come across as sleazy, overly-personal, and money-hungry?  Keep it professional, engaging and above all, keep it interesting. If you can become an authority on a subject – then you’ll develop loyal followers. Loyal followers will then refer business to you and grow your fanbase exponentially. They are your greatest asset. So keep it light, keep it clever, match it with aesthetically pleasing posts and you’ll get them coming back for more (and recommending you to their friends).
If you’re a little stuck – think about: If your brand was a person, who would they be? What would they look like? How would they dress? How would they speak? How would everyone relate to them? Do a little brainstorming and formulate your voice that way. Make sure you choose your language and visual cues to reflect it.

It’s a Two-Way Street!

Facebook and Twitter is not your personal pinboard. Be social and encourage a two way conversation – and when your followers comment – comment back Let them know that there is a real human being behind the brand, and that you care about them as potential customers. They might not be buying today – but they’ll always remember how you made them feel.
A common tactic on social media is to ask questions – but be really careful that they don’t come across as superficial or generic. Do you remember the popular kids at school? They had a sixth sense for who was ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’. Social Media is the biggest playground of them all – thanks to that interaction in the schoolyard we all had as teenagers, brand followers can smell a desperate “I’m trying to engage you” post a million miles away. The same goes for those “Please like and comment” guilt trips. No-one wants to be made to feel guilty. Keep them interested, and they will keep coming back.
If no-one is seeing your posts, consider changing your approach. Offer competitions, prizes and awards (but avoid the harsh sales language) – make it seem like you’re doing your followers a favour and not vice versa. Tell a joke. Talk about something you’ve seen in the industry recently. Find out what buttons you need to push to get your audience to react favourably, and then push them.

Where ARE You?

No-one wants to check out your Twitter account when you haven’t been active since August 2009. If you don’t understand Twitter, or don’t use it – get off it (personally I think Twitter is a terrific resource and that everyone can use it to their advance). Post at least 3 times a week to your Facebook page (once a day if you can swing it). But if a potential client walks into your online space and is greeted with cobwebs – then they may (rightly) assume that you’ve shut up shop. Definitely not the impression you want to go with!
Do you have any more to add to the list? We’d love to hear them! Drop us a line in the comments below.
P.S Do you have a brand on social media? Leave us a link! We’d love to follow you.

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