Eco Wedding Trends

Eco Weddings have been a trend now for some time but often people have a misconception of what they are. There are many things that can make up a an Eco inspired wedding and there are some really gorgeous elements that can be used in the design as you will see from the mood board we have created above. There are many things that can can help to create an Eco wedding and we have listed some of them below:

  1. Try staging your wedding at a farm, museum or historic building so the need for lush backdrops is reduced.
  2. Try using organic caterers who will help you create a menu that uses local homegrown produce
  3. Invites can be sent our using recycled paper or for some couples they are even happy to use digital invites and avoid paper altogether
  4. Green wedding favours are right on trend at the moment with many couples opting to use products such as local jams or seeds
  5. The decor is another huge area where you can introduce some Eco friendly products such as using remnant materials from fabric stores and visiting flea markets to source plates, chargers and other items
  6. Keeping your wedding local is a help too as it stops guest from having to travel too far and avoids flying and driving.

If anyone has any other Eco friendly tips to share with us we would be pleased to hear from you so make sure you post a comment.

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