Susie Earnshaw-Nees

How did you get your start in the Wedding industry Susie?

The Wedding Academy was the perfect place for me to start when I decided to start a Wedding and Events business. Through the guidance of my Mentor I was able to find the perfect fit for my needs for my future business. Being an Event Florist I had some idea of the floral side of the business but also wanted to bring in my personal skills. I knew I was good at planning and organising, but I needed some guidance. The Academy helped me by bringing my passion for weddings into reality. Throughout the course I continued to work as a florist and on day coordinator for my own business

What’s your favourite part about being a floral designer?

I am excited about this industry of creating amazing memories through life’s events. I adore paying close attention to my clients and their needs . I love the synchronisation of seeing an event unfold. Love is certainly in the detail and creating the stage for a beautiful occasion is a true privilege.

How did the Wedding Academy help you in your journey?

I remember peaking ahead at the Assignments and thinking; wow, how will I achieve that?

By the end of the course I had my business very clear in my mind and had already booked two jobs without really establishing it.

I would thoroughly recommend those with a passion for Weddings and Events to study at the Academy. A special thanks for me goes to Christine Ligthart who continues to encourage, mentor me and believe in my business.

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