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3 Key Skills You Need To Make It As A Floral Stylist

Skill 1 – Understanding the basic florist skills so that you can handle and work with flowers correctly
Becoming a floral stylist is easier than you think! There are a batch of key skills that you need to understand before you start. Things like how to handle flowers, how to condition flowers, and best practice methods of storing and transporting flowers. But you don’t need to know the name of every bloom! And you don’t need to know every single method of styling. With a set of basic skills under your belt you can get started and learn a lot more through your work and hands on experience.
We teach you the basic methods that are used most in contemporary wedding and event floral styling. Once you have these then you can get as creative as you like in applying them to your own personal style. That’s where the real fun begins!
Skill 2 –  An understanding of design and styling theory
So once you can handle the flowers and have the skills to physically put together floral arrangements, well then you need to go deeper into a little bit of theory. So you need to understand how to use colour palettes to create a mood or enhance a guest experience at an event, because your flowers are going to help make this happen. You also need to understand about composition and a little bit of design theory so that you know the most appropriate shapes and design features to apply to the look that your client wants you to create.
On our Diploma of Floral and Event Styling we give you both the theory and the practical knowledge to put all of these together and we challenge you within the assignments to create designs using all that you know for specific scenarios – your tutor becomes your client while you practise designing and presenting your work to them. Real world experience in a controlled and supportive environment.
Skill 3 – Creativity and a passion to make things look amazing
The secret sauce to being a great floral stylist is the passion, the excitement and the creativity that you bring to your work. I won’t lie to you the physicality of the work is hard. Shifting around buckets of water and flowers, and lots of lifting and moving and standing while you work. But the end result is worth it. You don’t mind the very long hours on the run-up to an event when you see the end result of your work and it has that wow factor! But that is just a part of the job.

We can’t teach you passion but we can support your creativity and guide you to develop your styling skills. So if you think that floral styling is an area that you would like to know more about then check out our floral training courses by clicking on your closest regional campus below. 
become a wedding plannerbecome a wedding plannerbecome a wedding planner become a wedding planner

Dee has trained with the UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning and she is now a fully trained wedding planner, wedding stylist, & floral designer, and has worked on over 250 weddings since graduating. Alongside her company Dee McMeeking she is now an Academy Tutor on the Diploma in Floral & Event Styling and Certificate in Wedding Styling.

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