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How do you Get Clients for your Wedding Business from Social Media?

We’re all guilty of spending hours on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to no avail so the big question is ‘How do you Get Clients for your Wedding Business from Social Media?

Honestly this is one of the biggest questions I hear in my Facebook Group for Wedding Pros so it’s time to break it down for you.

It’s no secret that I love to learn almost as I love to teach, so I’m constantly educating myself on everything from email marketing to social media, and then I share what I learn with my family of wedding CEOS.

I’ve spent hours diving into all the different social media platforms to find out what the magic source is that gets a client to take that next step from just flicking through your images on Instagram to actually booking a call with you.

I have some strategies to share that will help you start getting clients from your social media platforms.

Before we start though, I want to get one thing clear right now social media is just that, it’s social.

It isn’t about selling it’s about building the know, like, trust factor. It’s about creating something for them that they find irresistible.

Do not and I repeat not hard sell on social media.

Telling them they only have one day left to get your amazing photography package for their wedding is not going to work.

There’re no short cuts here, there never is in business, it’s about putting in the hard work, taking it slow and then letting them decide that they want what you’re selling.

Let’s jump into it because these strategies are not what you think.

Use Facebook’s Insights

The wedding industry is just a little bit obsessed with Instagram, I know I’m as guilty as the rest.

But what we’re all conveniently forgetting about, mainly because it’s not as sexy as creating gorgeous images, is Facebook’s amazing ability to collect data on our ideal clients.

Remember that Facebook also owns Instagram so all the information in Facebook’s insights can be used for your Instagram marketing as well.

Now I’m the first to admit that I hate the thought of paying Facebook for advertising but I’m telling you now you need to get over it.

Facebook is a wealth of information and although the way the ads work is always changing when you get your head around using it then it’s incredibly powerful.

It will bring clients to your wedding business.

I’ve seen one of my students have amazing success in her wedding planning business through Facebook advertising.

It’s her MAIN source of enquiries and not just enquiries but bookings.

Facebook Ad Insights

With Facebook you can drill down in a big way to target people recently engaged, between a certain age, from a geographical area, and that’s just the start of it.

Facebook lets you get super targeted so you can really home in on your ideal client.

You can also build campaigns based around warm audiences. Those are the people that interact with everything you do.

A warm audience will watch your videos, like your posts, click on your links and just engage with everything you put out there.

From there you can create lookalike audiences that exactly match the previous criteria and expand your reach.

That’s the power of Facebook.

You can also use this powerful tool for advertising on your favourite platform, Instagram.

The moral of this is you absolutely shouldn’t discount Facebook. You might not think your audience are on it but in all honesty they probably are. Even if they’re not use the powerful tools and insights to target your ideal client.

The key is getting in front of those people who are actually interested in the service or product you provide.

That’s what worked for my student and she didn’t spend a fortune on ads, but she did have an advertising budget to get her started.

She realised the value in investing in some targeted advertising to get her brand in front of those people who didn’t know she existed.

Show up consistently

Once you’ve got an audience you then need to produce content that engages them and do it consistently.

Afterall, you don’t want to spend your carefully allotted ad budget only to waste it on not engaging with the audience you’ve spent money on.

There’re so many things you can do to entertain your audience. Here’s a few things that work:

  • Do a live once a week showcasing your expertise
  • Ask a question such as ‘What’s your fav wedding colour? Comment below’
  • Share your blog post – split it down into 3 posts if possible. Take one section of your blog article and use that as your FB post and then link to the rest of the blog
  • Give a top tip – anything from what to do if it rains on your wedding day to how to stop your wedding cake melting in the heat.
  • Post a pic of something you’re working on
  • Post a client inspiration board and talk about it
  • Styled shoot pics to showcase your creativity
  • Quotes that inspire – everyone loves a quote
  • Do a Q&A on your FAQs

Get them on your Email List

Once you’ve found your audience and engaged them with your amazing content you need to move them off that platform and onto your email list.


Because you don’t own Facebook. You don’t own Instagram and you don’t own Pinterest.

If any of those platforms shut their doors tomorrow, for whatever reason, you’d lose your carefully built up audience.

Plus, once you have them on your email list you can start to build that all important know, like, trust factor I mentioned earlier.

You can get way more personal on email. You can zero in on their pain points and provide solutions and you can ‘have a conversation’ much easier over email than on social media.

And there you have it. My tried and tested way to get clients for your wedding business from social media.

If you want to see how I do things and have built my business to an international brand that is now in its 12th year, come and join me in my Facebook Group for Wedding CEOS.

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