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Getting Online Review for your Wedding Business

Getting Online Reviews

We enjoy having lively business conversations on #WedBizHour and last night was no exception. The topic for debate was how you can get online reviews for your wedding business and how to use them to your advantage. As always there was some fantastic tips offered by the community along with some we prepared ourselves.

We have some top tips to share with you here and for those who would like more you can read the full transcript from the chat right here…

  1. Research shows that brides use reviews & review sites to make important decisions regarding their choice of wedding vendors.
  2. Reviews offer insights that can’t be found on your website. They carry more weight because they are from actual clients.
  3. Listing yourself on a review website is a very powerful marketing tool & the more reviews you have the better.
  4. Review sites are a ready made marketing platform for small wedding businesses. It is your chance to shine & show off.
  5. Remember to actively ask your wedding clients to leave a review for you. Add a review button to your website to make it easy.
  6. Email your review link to customers & encourage them to leave a review for you. Let them know how important their feedback is.
  7. Don’t take negative reviews personally. Explain why things went wrong & how it was a one off. Remember to say how you fixed it.
  8. Respond to negative reviews promptly. Show your wedding client you value their opinion & care about their experience with you.
  9. Reviews also help to show areas for improvement and offers transparency into your customers needs.
  10. Remember to monitor your online reviews. You can only respond if you are watching what is happening online.
  11. The best way to get great reviews is to give great customer service. Period. Work on giving outstanding service to your clients.
  12. Here are some great online monitoring tools. @socialmention @reputology @ReviewTrackers

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