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Goal Setting for Business Success

A goal without a plan is just a wish

It was another great topic in #WedBizHour Twitter Chat last night for our last chat before the summer holidays. The subject was goal setting and at this time of year it is good to re-evaluate where you are with your goals for the year and tweak where required and breath new life into what you set.

One of the things with goal setting is that it is very easy to set the goals but achieving them can be a little harder. Below we give you a few of our top tips and for further reading you can download the transcript from last night’s chat here…

  1. One of the key elements of goal setting is the fact that to be a goal, a statement needs to be accompanied by an action.
  2. Make your goals personal and specific. Set goals that are important to you, not what someone else wants for you.
  3. Don’t say, I want to start a wedding planning business one day. Instead, say, I will launch my wedding business this year.
  4. By setting the goal to start your business this year you’ve given yourself an end goal.  But you will need to do break it down.
  5. A good way to define goal setting is to use the SMART acronym. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time.
  6. Goals must have a deadline to keep you motivated towards achieving the goal. Otherwise your goal is only a dream.
  7. You are setting goals, so record them and diarise each broken down goal and item on your to do list.
  8. Review your goals regularly. A once yearly review is not going to help you when it comes to achieving anything.
  9. If you have an actionable goal like launching your own business, seek out someone who has done it. Learn from others
  10. We all need support and encouragement so find a suitable person and ask them for their help.

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