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How to Make Money as a Wedding Planner

How do you make Money as a Wedding Planner

How do you make money as wedding planner? In my last post we talked about what a Wedding Planner does (if you didn’t read this then click here). But how do you make money from running a wedding planning business?
It’s no secret that the thing stopping most people becoming a wedding planner is fear of failure and not being able to make a living out of it.
So many people are missing out on having their dream career because they don’t have access to the industry secrets to turn their business into a 6-figure wedding business.
Well, today I’m here to help because we do have access, and the best bit, I’m going to share some of those secrets with you today.
Below are 20 easy-to-apply ideas to get wedding clients. These are the strategies that have worked for the students on our Wedding Business Launchpad Course helping them to get clients easily and quit their day job to work on weddings full time.
Are you ready to learn how to make money as a wedding planner?

20 Top Marketing Tricks for Wedding Planners that actually work

  1. Use your business Facebook page to show your blog posts, photos of your work, event planning tips & wedding ideas.
  2. Post your work to Instagram and let people see what you do on a daily basis. Give them a glimpse of who is behind the brand.
  3. Offer a referral gift, an incentive for people who recommend you to their friends. A gesture to encourage them always works.
  4. Consider advertising on a Wedding Blog. Many brides spend hours on blogs so make sure they see your logo when they browse.
  5. Write a blog series showcasing your best weddings – show how creative you are and why they should hire or work with you.
  6. Encourage your clients to share your work on Facebook and tag you in. This will showcase you & your work to all their friends.
  7. Try for a feature on a wedding blog or in a wedding magazine. Remember to follow submission guidelines though.
  8. Create a wedding blogging network and guest blog on each other’s sites to help with exposure.
  9. Do something thoughtful & send a small gift to past clients or drop them an email on their birthday to remind them who you are.
  10. Network with other wedding pros. The best referrals are often from those you already work with in the industry.
  11. Use social media to engage with your target audience – create a competition that involves them tagging you.
  12. Select an industry award that you want to enter in. This is always marketable and bloggable even if you don’t win.
  13. Try working with venues and getting on their preferred supplier list.
  14. Write profiles on other wedding vendors on your blog and tag them in it on social media – they might return the favour.
  15. Offer incentives like a 10% discount for booking within a certain time period, such as 7 days from when they enquired.
  16. Write an E Book for free download on your site to grow your database and show off your expertise.
  17. Keep your email signature current with any special offers you are running or discounts available & link back to your site.
  18. Host a competition where couples can submit applications to win a free planning package & collaborate with other vendors.
  19. Do a styled shoot. It’s such a great way to show off your style and gives you great ways to get featured on blogs & magazines.
  20. Update your testimonials so they are current & show off your latest work. Nothing worse than using weddings from 2 years ago.

I hope that’s got you thinking because there is so much more I can share with you to help you launch your wedding planning dream and to make sure it’s a success.
At the Wedding Academy we don’t sell you a course we help you to launch a successful wedding business.
How to Become a Wedding Planner
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