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How I Became A Wedding Professional Online

Even in today’s digital world we know that there are still many of you who have never studied online before and if that is the case you may be wondering if you can actually become an event, or wedding professional online.  Whilst I can tell you about all of the benefits of online study (the flexibility to set your own study schedule being a huge one), I thought it might be fun to show you and I have asked two of our students to help me.  So without further ado, let’s meet Georgina and Sasha who are going to tell you how online study helped them succeed as wedding professionals.


Georgina is a student of our UK Campus and she is also the Founder of her own business; Champagne and Sparkles, which is based just outside of London in the UK.  Georgina plans, manages and delivers dream events; whether that is the wedding dreams are made of, a corporate event to inspire, or an unforgettable party.  She offers services from full planning to on the day help and everything in between and loves being part of the creative process to help bring ideas to life, and best of all, to create lasting memories for her clients and their guests.


How did the course help Georgina to become a Wedding Professional?

Georgina: I have just a couple of assignments to complete in my course which is the Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning.  I have some events experience, working for an event production company early in my career, but the only wedding knowledge I had was from planning my own wedding.  The course has really helped me understand the industry, and the differences between planning corporate events and weddings.

What does Georgina like about online study and how did it help her to become a Wedding Planner?

I love the flexibility and pace of online study; you can move through the units as quickly as you like, but also take your time on content that might require more time to take in.  I also like how you can go back and review previous content as a reference; this has really helped me when putting together client proposals.  I have discovered that I am very passionate about the wedding industry and that is thanks to the content of the course.  It delves into such detail that I really feel prepared to be able to confidently deliver what my clients are looking for.


Sasha is a student from our Australian Campus and she is the founder of Cinta Weddings.  Cinta Weddings create memorable destination experiences where the bride can be peaceful and present. Through their bespoke packages Cinta Weddings tailor to suit their client’s needs and requirements to make their dream a reality.


How did the course help Sasha to become a Wedding Planner?

I have many years on the job training, however this course helped me cement my Certifications and develop my skills to further my array of products and services offered in my business.  In additional the assignments taught me to plan ahead and develop some extreme time management skills with working full time, starting a business and finishing my studies.  All the ingredients for planning a successful wedding.

What does Sasha like about online study and how did it help her to become a Wedding Planner?

I liked the flexibility of studying online and how I could still work full-time and work from anywhere in the world. I spent some time working abroad and it was important to me ensure my skills were in-line with Australian standards as it was always where I would establish my business.
A big thanks to both Sasha and Georgina for helping me to show you how an online course can help you become a wedding professional.  Make sure you check out their businesses too!
If you would like to find out more about how you could become an event or wedding professional online, we would love to hear from you.  To trial one of our courses for free and experience online study for yourself, contact us.
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