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How to Create a Xmas Tablescape

How to Create a Xmas Tablescape. Everything you need to know.

Are you hosting Christmas this year? As a Wedding Stylist-to-be this is your chance to really shine.

Don’t worry – there’s no pressure to be the next Martha Stewart, but the one non-negotiable element to your festive event design is of course, the table.

Still not sure how to go about creating a fabulous tablescape that really gives off the “wow” factor? Wonder no more. We’re going to break it down into a step-by-step guide for you!

Layers are everything!

Nothing creates visual interest more than complementing colours and design elements, layered tastefully on top of each other. Start with your tablecloth (be careful not to choose one with a busy pattern if you are using competing patterns in other elements of your design), followed by charger plates, and your meal plates on top of that, layered with matching serviettes.

The more layers you create, the more intriguing and inviting your table becomes by adding visual interest and depth to your space.

Vary your heights

Just like any set design, it’s really important to create a visual line that carries the eye.  If everything is the same height, your table setting will seem flat. Add various lighting and floral elements together at different heights to keep things interesting. Candles, vases, twinkling tea lights – you name it!

Add something living

There’s nothing better than fresh flowers, plants or herbs on a table. At Christmas, use items like pine branches, garlands, poinsettas or other seasonal plants to create a festive feel.

Vary the textures

Whilst it’s tempting to play it safe and use similar textures across your tablescape – try mixing it up a little. Not as bad as you thought it would be huh? Try mixing matte objects with glossy ones,  artificial elements mixed in with natural products. Just as long as you don’t go overboard – and try to achieve too many visual ideas in one tablescape – you’ll be fairly safe.

Glitz things up a little

Come on – it’s Christmas! Time to break out the glitter and the gold to really give your tablescape the Pièce de résistance it deserves. Brass candlesticks, gilded flatware, glittery baubles and gold painted pinecones (used in moderation) can add a touch of glamour without detracting from the classy feel of your table.

Show us what you’ve got!

Did that help break through the mental styling block a little? Don’t forget to send us photos of your beautiful Christmas tables – we love to see how our students are using everything they’ve learned to create beautiful designs at home as well as for their future clients.

Below is a live Xmas Tablescape tutorial that I streamed from my home in France on YouTube which was not only a lot of fun but also included three ways to create the same look.

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