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How to Deal with Competitors as a Wedding Planner | 3 Top Tips

Have you ever had to deal with competitors as a wedding planner? Perhaps you’ve come across competitors who just aren’t playing fair?

Once you’ve been in business for long enough you’ll find that you’ll come up against many different challenges and as with most things of this nature it’s about how you deal with them that counts.

At the Wedding Academy we receive questions on a daily basis covering everything from how to use Instagram to knowing the questions to ask in a client consultation.

This particular question came in from Pamela.

“Hello Kylie, I’m a wedding planner in Panama City. There are some vendors and other wedding planners that don’t accept me in the industry and even say that I can’t do wedding planning or flowers, it’s very competitive in Panama, what advice can you give me?”

It always makes me feel a little sad when I get these sorts of questions because I truly believe there is enough work to go around, and this sort of bullying is NEVER ok.

However, what I’ve also learned over the years is that usually there is more to it than usually meets the eye.

I tend to find that it is often more about them than it is you.

Sometimes it’s a lack of confidence in their own abilities and they’re intimidated by someone with more perceived knowledge.

In other cases it is about pure desperation as things aren’t going so well in their own business.

And sometimes its simply because they have absolutely no morals or scrupals and will do anything it takes to get ahead.

Whichever one it is I understand. Knowing how to deal with competitors who are bad mouthing you is hard.

But there are some tried and tested methods you can use to help.

My latest #AskKylie video helps Pamela with her dilemma and gives you three top tips to help you deal with competitors.

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