How to Use Your Celebrity Wedding Clientele

We have a great guest post for you today which is part three of a four part series from our friend and colleague, Siobhan Craven-Robins, co-founder of the Network of Bridal Professionals. Siobhan has vast experience in handling celebrity clients and today she is sharing her tips on how to use this celebrity clientele to your own advantage.

“People often ask how I got my first celebrity client? How did they hear of me? The very first one was just through advertising in the bridal magazines and I do still get some of the more high profile weddings through my website. Mostly though, it is recommendation from couples whose weddings I have co-ordinated, venues that know me and quite often the couple’s agent’s research. It is clear in researching me and asking people in the industry, that I have a reputation for being discreet and not flaunting my clientele.

Having celebrity clients undoubtedly adds to your credibility and makes you and your business far more newsworthy and you should use this to your advantage. Equally, it is so important that you never compromise any of your high profile clients’ privacy when organising ‘secret’ ceremonies for those that really don’t want any media intrusion. The details of that day and client are for you to know and no one else. Discretion is key to our job and it should be something you exercise with every client – not just the high profile ones. You are dealing with one of the most important days of their lives and as a result are often privy to private details of their lives and families. This only happens because they trust you and expect that it will go no further, do not lose sight of this.

However, when the client does opt to have their wedding covered by a magazine, then that does provide you with the opportunity to confirm you were responsible for the co-ordination of their day. You would expect also that they will give you a plug in the accompanying interview as well.

I use such celebrity clients’ recommendations by quoting them as ex-clients in interviews or listing them on my website. But that is all; I never discuss the details of the day.

Thus a list of celebrity clients is great for profile, gaining recognition and credibility and most certainly attracting media coverage. It gives you a strap line or something that journalists can add to your name to create more interest in you.”

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